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Comment Re:Gun nuts (Score 1) 1374

Well said. It seems that the same folks that use fear to back their argument against civilian gun ownership are the same ones using fear to back other issues (climate change, etc). They unwittingly advocate a police state while the "gun nuts" are actually the protection from a police state. Perhaps in order to get proper gun training, we're going to have to mandate 1-2 years mandatory military service. Now just who do you think would be the ones complaining about that?

Comment Re:Its like this... (Score 2) 482

Verizon and AT&T are likely doing some kind of behind the scenes kickback to Sprint if Sprint is able to assimilate T-mobile. Meanwhile, resellers (like Ting.com) further expose the scam on consumers by the large telcos . Ting has you pay for your phone up front (or bring your own approved device), no contract, and only pay for what you use. If you use nothing, then your monthly bill will be $12 for one phone. $6 for every additional phone. 3 Samsung smart phones... regular medium use (500min,1000texts,500Meg) for around $50/month total. That's way better than a poke to the eye with a sharp stick.

Comment iPad viewing is real clunky (Score 1) 2219

I'm surprised there aren't more comments from users viewing the site on an iPad. It's just horrible. And... why is the pinch-zoom locked out? Why? It takes forever to load. Frames flashing all over. And then sometimes the browser just gives up and crashes. This should not be. The site is predominantly text with colored frames. You are letting some CSS monkeys really drag down the experience. I like the news and forums. It's the only reason I come. However, I won't keep coming home to a site that beats me. I will go elsewhere.

Comment Re:Victim Card (Score 1) 1501

Totally agree. I have followed Linus' comments that have offended the soft skinned do-wrongers, but I have yet to find instances where he was wrong (or if wrong that he didn't make things right). If you choose to code at the high visibility level, you better have your act together and perform well while writing extremely well thought out code. And... if you cower and wet yourself when someone responds harshly to your code or ideas. Sorry. Get some backbone and stand up for yourself. If you're in the wrong, take the lashings and learn. If you're in the right, prove it and gain some credibility.

I get real tired of coders that feel they are above a critical reproach. You might not be as smart as you think you are.

Comment Re:gamut (Score 1) 525

Amen. The larger our company grows, the less work satisfaction there is. A few years ago the company instituted mandatory goals and reviews. Up until then the company had been 10% profit sharing. 5% of the profit divided evenly, and the other 5% divided based on salary. No quarterly profit for the company, no sharing check. It really seemed to form a teamwork I help you, you help me environment. After dissolving the profit sharing and going to a goals/review system, immediately there were groups that gamed the goals. Individual and group goal conflicts... How can I meet my goal if I spend time helping you meet your goal... Senseless.

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