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Comment Re:A thought that crossed my mind about EM radiati (Score 1) 254

As someone who doubts cellphones cause statistically significant brain damage, I also doubt it causes statistically significant improvements. Naturally, the science will speak for itself either way.

Certainly similar radiation at much higher doses will have an effect. Also, keep in mind mice have much smaller heads. A cellphone would have a much stronger effect on a mouse as the radiation will far more easily penetrate the skull and brain. In humans, much of the strength is lost before the signal makes it to the brain.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 926

You and the judge are colluding to hide something that your own beliefs say makes you ineligible for the position.

*sigh* you're still being deliberately thick-headed.

The judge is a trusted third-party - trusted by the bank to make good decisions, and trusted by you to expunge your record.

Should I take it you're opposed to the practice of expunging juvenile records in our court system?

I believe people can certainly have consistent beliefs, and I'm quite certain I'm one of them.

Yes, that's a hallmark of the religious mindset.

I asked for some example of how you think my beliefs are inconsistent. If you can't provide an example, then you're merely blowing smoke.

Feel free to refer to any material you like about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a.k.a. Mormons) while you attempt to find some way my beliefs are self-contradictory or inconsistent.

I ask again - show me just one example of my beliefs being logically inconsistent. If you can't, then I win the debate ;) Remember, your unilateral assertion was that no human has an internally consistent (self-consistent) set of beliefs.

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