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Comment I live in the Bahamas you insensitive clod!!!! (Score 1) 232

This girl has power, and is not in a big hurry to leave. We are still getting 35 MPH + gusts in Nassau this Saturday morning. Had massive storm surges on the coast, with some roads, hell even a police car, buried in the sand, and just generally just want that tourist to leave the islands.

Some of the Family Islands, Eleuthera, Abaco, Grand Bahama, Cat Island, the islands to the east of Nassau/New Providence, took the brunt of the Storm.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 1135

Well having just went though this Bullshit @ MCO Monday, I can tell you that it is not fun.
The fat cunt decided that I needed my laptop bag searched extra carefully after I refused to go through the new 'Light Up My Marrow' X-Ray device that some fucking Minimum Wage trainee was running that day. Well Lo and Behold, my laptop bag tested positive..... for what I have no fucking Idea.... No answer. Of course I was crazed Pissed, ready to go to jail pissed, at that point, was actually weighing that option of jail time.......and My wife, whom we just found out was pregnant, was getting really scared when cops showed up and was really trying to calm me down.....

Bottom Line:
They are highly untrained, but make up for it with massive attitude. After I calmed down 15 minutes later from my hissy fit, body pat down including my balls ( asked the Supervisor if he wanted to stick his finger in my ass too ,very loudly, he was a little embarrassed )
The cops that showed up at the scene said that TSA once tried to stop him from coming into the secured area with his weapons, against all rules and doctrines of the working relationship between the TSA and local law enforcement. I trust a cop, trained in law enforcement, way more then some fucking wanabee loser with a 2 week course that ends up saying that you can spell their name and pass a drug test.....

Good Luck.... not looking to returning to the states anytime soon. The terrorist won, The government took your Freedom.
Welcome to the happiest place on earth. Just don't think for your self and everything will be just fine.

Comment Re:Lol, no worries. (Score 1) 629

"Rape, murder, Arson, and rape."
"You said rape twice"
"I Like rape"
"Kinky, Sign here. What's that in your mouth?"
"Tagert ?!?"
"Chewing Gum on line!! I hope that brought enough for everyone?"
"I didn't know there was going to be so many"
Shoots the guy dead for chewing gum...

That was from memory.

Funny thing about this movie was that my mom, back in the day, was on the losing side of the original format wars... she bought a Betamax. We had like 3 Movies for the thing, The original Friday the 13th, The Fog, and Blazzin' Saddles. My sister and I are like 10 and 8 respectively, and to this day can recite most of the movie word for word. My wife never saw it till recently, I bought it on Itunes and I started doing the dialog like some jewish Rocky Horror tribute...

Comment Re:Why kill her? (Score 1) 1270

monkey rape? WTF? That 200k year old woman was human, not a monkey. Recent estimates are that the last common ancestor with the 'monkeys' was 5 to 6 Million years ago.
Killing eve effectively changes our fundamental genetic makeup, the butterfly effect would be huge. Maybe Matriarchal societies would be the norm. Maybe we would be a fragmented into various species, erectus, Neanderthal, or some other variation of proto human.
Competition for resources against another species would change our perception of earth, god, science, society, and race. Changes the Whole Game.
Kinda makes me think that pr0n would be kinda strange..... Cro-mag Fetishes... Neanderthal bondage, and WOW, think of the number of hits a site named would get....heheheheheh

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