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Submission + - Pirate Bay's ISP hacks Lunarpages nameserver (

sufijazz writes: It looks like several web sites hosted on Lunarpages are being redirected to, the ISP of The Pirate Bay.

I am the webmaster of one of these websites and can confirm that users in WA are being redirected. However, colleagues on the East coast can access the real site. I can also access the real website from my leased server in Atlanta. If it is indeed a Lunarpages nameserver that has been compromised, do they have any legal liability to their customers? Probably not.

Submission + - Qualcomm Releases And Ships Dual-Core Snapdragon (

rrossman2 writes: Qualcomm has released a press release revealing they have started shipping their new Dual-Core Snapdragon chipsets. These chipsets run each core at up to 1.2GHz, include a GPU which supports 2D/3D acceleration engines for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1, 1080p video encode/decode, dedicated low power audio engine, integrated low power GPS, and support for 24-bit WXGA 1280x800 resolution displays.

These chipsets come in two variants, the MSM8260 for HSPA+ and the MSM8660 for multi-mode HSPA+/CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev B. The press release also lists QSD8672 as a third gen chipset like the two mentioned, but doesn't go into any detail of what it's roll is.

With this announcement they they are shipping, how long until HTC makes a super smart phone?

Submission + - Microsoft bans Apple software on Windows (

sufijazz writes: Mirroring Steve Jobs’ ridicule of Adobe, Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie has lampooned Apple’s poor software for Windows, according to Tundla Junction (an Indian knock-off of The Onion). Don't miss the almost hidden PDF link with the actual (fake) Ray Ozzie blog post tracing the parallels between Apple/Adobe and Microsoft/Apple.

Comment Re:Worried about the cost of your actions? (Score 3, Insightful) 730

GP makes a great point.

"Remotely" doesn't mean offshore. All big outsourcers - especially those who have large offshore operations - make their offshore staff sign all sorts of confidentiality and privacy contracts. A sysadmin in India is as likely to wind up in jail as a sysadmin here. A worker in a Chinese factory committed suicide just because an Apple prototype got stolen from him.

In addition, outsourcing contracts have liability clauses for breaches. So get the vendor company to agree to liability clauses and protect yourself.

Comment Re:Tax Exempt? (Score 1) 490

Only on Slashdot can trolling like this be modded up as Insightful. There _is_ a shortage of technical talent in the US. That doesn't mean there is no unemployment in this sector. If all you know is VAX/VMS and you only want to live in Nashville, perhaps you will be unemployed. But unemployment in the tech sector is _far_ lower than the rest of the economy.
The basic principle of free trade and free movement of capital, goods and labor is to maximize efficiencies that benefit society as a whole. This produces winners and losers depending upon who is best positioned to take advantage of market opportunities. I don't have a problem with the government helping the people who lose out - retrain laid off workers, for example. But these workers have to learn skills that are in demand in society.
If you simply raise protectionist barriers, cost of IT workers will be artificially high, so cost of doing business will be high, so cost of goods will rise. American consumers and shareholders will ultimately pay the price. So they will subsidize the artificially high salaries of IT workers. Just like all taxpayers had to foot the bill for bailing out banks.
Parent should be modded down -75

Comment Re:It's their own fault (Score 1) 564

Everyone can edit
Doesn't mean your edits won't be reverted. It's still faithful to its original mission.
Wikipedia matured a couple of years ago. There are many articles for which the best write-up is a an old version archived on Wikipedia, not the current revision.
It would be nice if someone could redirect their zeal on other wikis instead of Wikipedia. Like this encyclopedia of comparisons.

Comment Re:My fanboi response (Score 3, Funny) 338

Any web developer worth his salt ought to have strong experience with the UNIX shell, shell scripting, and Apache configuration. Developers with broader interests should have Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash at their disposal. And every developer should have decent C/C++ skills.

And he should be able to dance, cook, be good in bed, know how to sail a boat, be good with kids and impress my parents.

WTF?? I could climb Mt. Everest but not your ego.


Submission + - Facebook sued over data access (

sufijazz writes: A Brazilian service,, that lets users simultaneously access several social networks has filed a countersuit against Facebook. The suit claims that Facebook improperly restricts its users' access to their private information such as photos, contacts and online profiles when it prevents them from accessing it through a third party like Power.

Comment Re:What Are You Talking About? (Score 1) 893

Have you ever watched TV in other countries? If it's not reruns of old stuff from the US, It's knock-offs like [insert country here] Idol. Entertainment is bad on a global scale.

Before you take too much misplaced patriotic pride in the silliness of American Idol, you should know that it's a ripoff from a British show. But it's too late for that I guess.


Submission + - Robots assimilate in cockroach society (

sufijazz writes: "Scientists have gotten tiny robots to not only integrate into cockroach society but also control it. This experiment in bug peer pressure combined entomology, robotics and the study of ways that complex and even intelligent patterns can arise from simple behavior. Animal behavior research shows that swarms working together can prosper where individuals might fail, and robotics researchers have been experimenting with simple robots that, together, act a little like a swarm.

The BBC also has a video story on this."


Submission + - Google to show Videos on other Websites (

sufijazz writes: "In the last 3 hours, there have been a series of articles announcing Google's plan to monetize YouTube clips. The gist:

The ads accompanying the outbound YouTube clips won't be in a video format. Instead, they will appear as a graphic straddling the video or as a link along the bottom.
Google won't be pulling clips from YouTube's entire library, which includes a multitude of wacky segments contributed by amateur videographers. The material sent to other Web sites will be confined to video from providers who sign consent forms.
With the new twist, Web sites participating in AdSense now can sign up to specify the kinds of YouTube videos they want shown on their pages.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Japanese Wikipedia 'editors' rapped by employer ( 1

sufijazz writes: "JAPAN'S agriculture ministry has reprimanded six bureaucrats for shirking their duties after an internal inquiry found that they had spent many work hours contributing to the Wiki-pedia website — including 260 entries about cartoon robots.
The ministry verbally reprimanded each of the six officials, and slapped a ministry-wide order to prohibit access to Wikipedia at work, while disabling access to the site from the ministry."

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