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Comment Re:XBOX? (Score 1) 616

I'll answer it for you! because they are making the same mistake twice and aren't focusing on their strengths. Windows RT is useless as it currently stands (not enough apps just like blackberry), it needs to be bolstered as an add-on to Microsoft's strength of a full windows 8 legacy x86 x64 working computer environment, they have the ability now like other companies have done to make a fully function desktop PC on a tablet at a low cost too, they even have the ability with current mobile hardware to make mobile a full windows desktop experience but they aren't capitalizing on it. They need to get full windows use in all of their devices and then they can concentrate on getting more app developers into their RT/Mobile ecosystem.

Comment Jesus Christ! (Score 1) 1215

Linux has been around for over a decade, it has its uses but will never ever take over windows for compatibility, practicality and ease of use. I've seen comments on here talk about windows having a bad GUI, has it hell there's not even anything wrong with windows 8, the only thing wrong is the people using it. Windows will and is here to stay and I am extremely glad for it, its been number 1 for decades! Linux is a good alternative for niche projects you may want to do, servers, for use on a laptop for better battery life, programming etc but certainly not for business tasks such as gaming, media, video, etc etc windows has the numbers it has the compatibility it won't change.

Comment going lib dem this time (Score 1) 47

The lib dems are getting my vote next election a long with many other young peoples votes, Cameron has made sure of that! they are about the only party that hasn't recently had a chance of changing the country for the greater good without making it 50 times worse, if lib dem's do take power stay pro privacy and pull us straight out of the EU!

Comment Are people idiots? (Score 1) 863

Windows 8 for desktop is the best windows operating system to come out to date. Anybody that says there is a learning curve to windows 8 doesn't belong on slashdot, any basic computer user can easily work out windows 8 in 30 minutes (I did?) it's exactly like all previous windows a part from the seperate tile interface, and moving the mouse to the corner of the screens which is very useful from the start. This article is basically slamming microsoft for the poor adoption of its tablets and mobiles, aka that use windows rt (which is crap anyway) because we like full desktop environments.

Comment Valid Request (Score 1) 330

Now I'm nearly 29 years old and in the UK the mobile phone growth began when I were in the 4th and 5th year of highschool so 15 16, that's when a lot of us started getting mobiles with snake on, the Nokias! I'm shocked on this poll how so few have voted 13 to 15 years old especially in 2013 when I expect a lot of people younger then me were in the more mature stage of mobile technology, hence I would of expected youths to get them at even 9 10 11 years old. My request therefore is what is the demographics of slashdot, I'm guessing most users are older then me!

Comment Hardcore Market Trend! (Score 0) 660

Here is my take on this, with windows 8 upcoming which will truly create a full desktop pc experience on desktop pc's, tablets and smart-phones, the only really latter device that you carry with you practically 24/7 is a smartphone. Tablets are also extremely convenient but most people don't carry them around with them all of the time because of the size, even the 7inch 1s. The galaxy note has filled the void of were somebody wants a tablet experience with them 24/7 and the obvious solution is to make a smartphone that you already carry all the time into a semi tablet experience which is just as good as a 10inch tablet in terms of use. This is an extremely attractive proposal because you get full desktop experience, full app tablet experience and the battery life that will last you easily for a full days use, and with quad core processors round the corner smart-phones have the grunt to do this as well.

Comment This is rediculous (Score 1) 636

The desktop pc will always be around, how the hell can gaming, animating, art, cad and other industry usage cope without a central desktop pc hub, I mean your not going to do any of that on any tablet at all, tablets and smart phones are cornered monopolies with limited app markets, on desktops your free to download what you want, install what you want, add whatever hardware you want and get the power you require. No smart phone or tablet can even come close to the practicality of a desktop pc, they are simply portable social gadgets nothing more. Tablets and smart phones will just replace laptops for users that have them for light work and entertainment purposes, they will not replace a desktop!

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