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Comment Re:No need for him to lift a finger (Score 1) 715

Well, that analogy is the same as the people who wont fasten a seatbelt. Why would they? They never had a crash! Until they do, and they die. Because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it wont. That's called "prevention". ps. If you could be without service "for a few days", then you are not the kind of person too worried about working, or its not critical for your business operations.

Comment Re:What about users? (Score 1) 305

Try to run it on Windows 98 and lets see if you can... You wont of course, but what will you say? Ohh of course! its not VMWare fault, its Windows! I need a new version... and go running to buy the new 2000/Xp/Whatever.

As the version you are installing is old and unsupported for that particular version of Linux, you should buy the new one if you expect it to work. Stop crying because its Linux, and face the reality, the fault here its in VMwares field, not Linux.

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