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Comment Re:Gen-X don't leave their jobs, the jobs leave th (Score 1) 214

Correct. It's a venture capitalist world. They just incubate companies until they can cash out and then it's "See you l8r!" and off to do it again and again and again. There is no such thing as a long-term engagement anymore. The venture capitalists made that a thing of the past. You reap what you sow bitches!

Actually, for Gen X, the problem was that the baby boomers were holding onto the jobs for so long that there were no places for us it seemed. We were even seen by some medias as being the generation with no hope.

Comment Gen-X don't leave their jobs, the jobs leave them (Score 4, Insightful) 214

As a Gen-Xer myself, I wasn't leaving my jobs, most of the time, the jobs were contracts or would end.
We didn't have stability like our parents before us or expect a wage hike without moving to another company.
Do the number separate the ones leaving vs those being let go?
My current position is the 1st in my career where I have made it past 5 years of service non-stop. I did work before in another field where I lasted more than 4 years but would end up on unemployment insurance every year for 3 months worth time more or less depending on production needs.

Comment Can't ignore phone market (Score 1) 180

They can't abandon the smartphone market because of Samsung's move.
I know Microsoft is coming out with a phone that will have the docking features to turn it into a desktop but more importantly will run Win32 desktop apps natively.
I think this could be the way for them to get a foothole into the market from the business side where companies could give employees phones that double as their work computer.
Still, it's quite a dumb idea to try to sell a Samsung product running Android in their own store that can be both a phone and a desktop along side their own computer and phone solutions.
I guess their own products are too far behind to offer as an alternative at this time. This will put them in a bind at some point.

Comment Re:Manjaro (Score 1) 510

If you like Ubuntu and don't want to "update your distro every 6-12 months" then choose an LTS release. Those are supported for 5 years. There may be other reasons not to like Ubuntu but the update cycle is not one of them.

Err, yes it still is because the LTS releases updates are for security patches. Over time you can't get updates to packages that you would want without going through other means. An example of a package I would want to see updates constantly but cannot expect to see from Ubuntu LTS is for Blender 3D. I'm sure I could find others if I still bothered to use Ubuntu.

Comment Manjaro (Score 1) 510

I'm not sure what the OP means when he says "mechanical equipment it controls" but assume he means the PC and it's peripherals.

1st off. It depends on what you want from your Linux flavor OS. Seems to me you want to get away from the Windows shenanigans but coming from a Windows ecosystem myself. I couldn't stand the Ubuntu/Fedora update your distro every 6-12 months. Windows just updates until it's time to switch to a new version some years later (until Windows 10 that is to say).

I'm probably going against the tide here but having gone the rolling release way, I don't see myself going back for personal needs to a major distro like Ubuntu. Manjaro is an easy to use rolling release distro to start with and once you feel comfortable, you can move to Arch Linux if you feel you need to be more of a poweruser.

Comment They should have thought about it before now. (Score 2) 391

I don't mean to be insensitive here but when I see something in this article saying “Usually, they outsource the low-paying jobs” I'm thinking these people were fine with it since it didn't touch them. I have seen places where you can tell these high-level employees are fine with outsourcing and even thought it was normal that their company was saving money. They would have done something to defend the low paying jobs if they had understood it would eventually come for them. The lack of solidarity between tech workers is appalling I find. I'm not suggesting it would fix the underlying problem occurring here but it makes it hard for me to have sympathy for them.

On the other side of this issue, what about the students? Are they still going to go to this school knowing it's telling them their future job won't be there because an H1B has it or will they stop registering for these courses to send a message to the school's administration? I'll bet they will still attend and give their borrowed money to get a diploma that won't mean anything to an employer who can get people on the cheap.

Comment Re:Pirating is replacing theaters (Score 1) 138

Why would I pay 20 bucks to see a movie when I can download it for free?

Because it's unethical? It's not made to be given out for free. At least not at the moment of release.
If you want to watch it for free and legally. You can wait till the movie ends up on TV in a few years.
Can't wait that long you say?
You can wait till it's available on some form of video on demand for a much cheaper price than going to the theater.
Sure you can ignore the morals and just download the god awful camera quality but it's not worth it IMO.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 541

True but it hasn't affected enough people to change things yet. Look at the bailouts that occurred. The 1st vote attempt didn't pass because a massive amount of people called their elected officials screaming to them to vote against it. They had to vote a second time to pass it making arguments to ignore the voter's wishes.
It's sad to say but too many still have a lot to loose at this point.

Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 541

Here's the problem . . . . these CEOs who are so in love with A.I./ Robotics are slowly putting themselves out of business.

Once you've eliminated all the workers, and nobody has a job any more (no job = no money), who exactly is going to buy your company's products? Have you considered what happens when 90% of your customers no longer have any money?

No, CEOs have not considered and probably won't see it until it hits them hard.
Look at it this way. The first companies to automate will see their profit margins increase because the remaining sectors continue to employ people where most of the profits are coming from since the workers at that company probably don't purchase much of the products they sell. Or the small amount they purchase is offset by the cost savings. So it will look positive on paper for these companies while many end up on the unemployment line. It will send a signal to shareholders and CEOs that this is a good thing pushing to expand this practice. As it expands into others areas replacing jobs faster than new (human) jobs can be created you'll see the unemployment numbers shoot up and then the profits start going down. It will probably go unexplained at first as the robotic replacement continues as a cost saving measure before someone making the correlation that all these lost jobs have destroyed the consumer's ability to buy anything is heard in the media and governments. I say heard because we are discussing it now as we will for years to come to come and won't be heard or simply waved off as unfounded worries.

And if you think Universal Basic Income is the answer, where do think that money is going to come from? From the businesses and the wealthy? The same people who do everything they can to hide their money and avoid paying taxes? Good luck with that.

I don't believe a basic income will be the solution and don't believe anyone currently has the answer but I do believe that ultimately all this will be a good thing as it will cause a demand by all to rethink how everything is done but not before we hit a 20s style depression if not worse.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 541

In the short term, you will be seeing people end up in massive debt as the problem gets ignored until we hit a point where too many are on the streets and probably protesting at best, looting and rioting at worst. Then when it can no longer be ignored that's when how the economy works will have to be reconsidered/reformed and things for the people can start improving again.

Comment Re:It's pointless (Score 1) 260

The amount of "pollution" cause by viewing a PDF is negligible. It is orders of magnitude less than the environmental cost of printing the same document on paper.

If you don't know, then you're an idiot.

Excuse me but I don't recall calling anyone names. Keep your insults to yourself buddy.

As I said before, it's not just about the electric consumption. It's about how some places using coal to create the electricity also destroy the local environment so now you not only pollute the skies but destroy the forests too so you loose your trees as well.

So ya, I do know.

Comment Re:It's pointless (Score 1) 260

The only thing that is pointless here is the unending desire to kill trees for no valid reason.

You have no idea how many times I watch office workers print something only to scan it back to a digital format again.

And yet we see endless people who print out from those same digital copies.
As for killing trees, well unless you live a place where the energy is from a renewable source such as hydro. Well you're trading killing trees to burning coal which pollutes the atmosphere and the mining of coal destroys the forest to a point those same trees cannot grow back because the soil is contaminated with the coal (looking at you North Carolina). So what's worse?

Comment Re:That's because the payment terminals are outdat (Score 1) 206

It's not from a want to use my digital wallet. In all aspects, it's far superior to the chip and pin system that the credit card companies want us to use. Those things are terrible and the deployment in the US is atrocious. Whenever I can pay with my phone, I do. It's so easy, much faster, and more secure than anything the credit card companies are offering.

I'm sorry but how is Apple Pay more secure? I haven't used it but from what I am reading, you upload your credit card info to your iPhone and then wave it near an NFC device to pay. That may sound faster but not more secure unless you need to enter your iPhone's PIN number before the transaction can occur but that wouldn't make it that much faster than punching a pin number. Credit cards also have NFC capability as well but limited to a certain amount and can be disabled to limit to using a PIN number which I find far more secure.

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