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Comment Re:That's because the payment terminals are outdat (Score 1) 206

It's not from a want to use my digital wallet. In all aspects, it's far superior to the chip and pin system that the credit card companies want us to use. Those things are terrible and the deployment in the US is atrocious. Whenever I can pay with my phone, I do. It's so easy, much faster, and more secure than anything the credit card companies are offering.

I'm sorry but how is Apple Pay more secure? I haven't used it but from what I am reading, you upload your credit card info to your iPhone and then wave it near an NFC device to pay. That may sound faster but not more secure unless you need to enter your iPhone's PIN number before the transaction can occur but that wouldn't make it that much faster than punching a pin number. Credit cards also have NFC capability as well but limited to a certain amount and can be disabled to limit to using a PIN number which I find far more secure.

Comment Discovered after 33 years? Really? (Score 1) 97

You know, I think looking at this that it's a little easy to say it was discovered now.
Who's to say it wasn't discovered by people playing back when it was published?
Let's face it, it's not like records of the period are detailed. I can imagine folks posting about it on their local BBS which in turn would get lost over time.

Comment As a Canadian I must say.... (Score 4, Insightful) 197

... it was long overdue. I'm not a fan of the Liberals but this is a good 1st step in the right direction.
Thank you must also be given to the voters who finally were able to rally and kick out the Conservatives.
Too often we do not feel our votes make a difference but it did make one here.
Now the only question to us is, how far will these changes go? We'll see over time.

Comment Re:Hurd.. why? (Score 1) 129

I would think if they can get to a point where it works properly, has a certain ease to be installed on PCs and software can be ported to it with a reasonable amount of work that it would then come down to the communities to supply the rest. Drivers mainly for hardware that it doesn't support. This is how Linux got started where people made drivers to make it work on their systems. The problem now is that Linux has most of the attention of developers working in the open source world so the Hurd's challenge would need to be able to get people's interest once they achieve that milestone.

I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I'm missing as I am not following the Hurd much but I do believe that getting to a point where it works well enought that drivers are a bigger issue that getting people to create them would be the key to moving fast on everything else. More people able to use means more people able to contribute back code.

Submission + - Clippy makes a comeback to Microsoft Office

substance2003 writes: Microsoft spoke person Alexandre Pavelgotchavisky said in a statement We are pleased to announce the return of Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant in a forthcoming update to Office 365.

Microsoft made a presentation showing the new Clippy features using updated and gritty looking graphics and enhancing the experience of interaction by using Cortana voice features making it possible for Clippy to actually talk to people in a way that was never possible before. This developement prompted the company to bring back the feature.

Mr Pavelgotchavisky mentioned how his division kept getting asked What happened to Clippy? on an almost daily basis and even went so far as to call Clippy The most beloved character Microsoft ever created.

One technology reviewer who assisted the demonstration was more skeptical of this new Clippy mentioning how the Mickey Mouse style voice might seems like a good idea for kids but would put off business users who just want to have a normal adult conversation.

Comment Re:Quebec: The Welfare Province (Score 2) 237

I guess Quebec bashing from the rest of the country is to be expected in news like those.

Well like it or now, Quebec bring a shit lot of stuff and specialization for Canada that isn't to look down (aerospace, hydroelectricity and videogame to name a few). Furthermore, I don't know in what world you live but I don't see how speaking a different language is in any way related in actual capabilities or skill.

Humm, let's see. Hydro Quebec gets 80% of it's current revenu from Quebecers and constantly demanding increases of 4 to 5% per years while making record profits. So while it makes a lot of money, it's not doing it from what it sells to the US because it has to sell there at a lost and subsidize to companies who threaten to leave the province.

Aerospace? Bombardier is cuttings a lot of jobs of late because of poor decisions and I got a friend working there who is currently quite nervous of loosing his post.

Videogames? You mean that sector being subsidized by the provincial government who decided to cut the amount to smaller studios who in some cases are looking to move to Ontario because the tax credits there are better? The same Ontario where most of the big studios who have offices in Montreal also have them in Toronto? Without those tax credits I promise you the video game industry would leave in a heart beat because it's not hard to move that sort of company around.

Comment Re:Perfect circle ! (Score 2) 237

And this is why Quebec is in such an amazing financial state.

And for those who don't know much about Quebec, I am being sarcastic. Quebec needs to stop putting itself into deficit year after year before it gets to a point where we get imposed stuff like they are doing in Greece because I promise you, there isn't a politician alive here with the backbone to refuse to pay the creditors and put it's population 1st.

Disclaimer: I live here too.

Comment Blocking gambling sites (Score 3, Interesting) 237

Having heard too many stories of gambling addicts loosing everything in Casinos and even seeing it happen to my own father. I might have gotten behind the idea of blocking gambling websites if they blocked all of them period. But since Loto-Quebec will be making it so that people go to their online site instead it's not a move to help reduce the risk. Just making sure our own provincially hungry fox guards the hen house. People will still loose their shirts in the end and we'll still have these establishment who end up putting people in poverty which I find is only a short term boost to the provincial revenue for a long term lost.

I'm not even certain it's a good thing for Loto-Quebec since it would open the door to other provinces and countries blocking access to Quebec gambling sites. Who knows where this could end up? Once you start blocking one group of sites, you could start blocking other groups too.

In the end, I don't think it will be seen as legal. Someone will surely challenge this all the way to the supreme court.

Comment Re: Some Sense Restored? (Score 3) 522

Why wouldn't it be different? Most of the open source projects where there was a major disagreement ended up with a fork.
Just think of the Open Office when Oracle was just letting it die. People just went and did Libre Office when they were ignored.
There's no reason to think that the folks over at Debian couldn't just create their own fork if they felt they were being ignored.
If that were to happen, it would then all come down to how many Debian users move over vs who stays.
That being said, I'd rather they all come to a consensus that everyone could be happy with.

Comment Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 2) 324

It's the commercials.

Let's say a US show like Sleepy Hollow from Fox is playing for instance.
I'm only thinking of that one as it's totally being bombarded on me as part of the fall lineup at the moment and know which station in the US plays it.
Now, Global TV in Canada has the rights to play that same show in Canada and is doing so at the same time.
Well what would be the point of paying for ads on Global if everyone is watching the US feed via cable and satellite?
So the solution is to have the Global TV feed play which is playing simultaneously to FOX replace the feed from the FOX channel and insure we see those commercials targeting Canadians. At least that's what I was noticing when I had cable. I believe there is talk about changing that.

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