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Comment Re:Priorities (Score 3, Informative) 178

From the FBI press release abut the guilty plea on possession of child porn:

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven D. DeBrota, who is prosecuting the case for the government, Sachtleben could face five to 20 years in prison for the distribution charge and up to 10 years for the possession charge. Both charges also carry up to a $250,000 fine and lifetime supervised release if he is found to be guilty.

Comment Re:Why is that "interesting"? (Score 1) 280

I won't disagree about issues with product strategy, but I do question the comment about the HTC Evo 3D not being a good phone. I got one as soon as they came out, and other than the lousy camera functionality (there's a good quarter second delay between pushing the button to take a picture and the picture actually being taken, which results in shaky or out of focus pictures) it''s been an excellent phone. Over a year later and there are no scratches or dings on it even though I don't use a case. It still performs very snappy even with Sprint's crapware that's loaded on it, and battery life is still very good (I usually charge every other day). It's one of the better smartphones I've ever owned.

Comment Founding Fathers (Score 1) 900

All these arguments about the Founding Fathers and what they intended or wanted for this new country they were founding seems to lack a critical part: Who were they, really? How many were there? What were their names? What were their individual beliefs?

Seems to me that either side, the religious right or the non-religious left, are trying to claim the "Founding Fathers" as their own without really understanding who they were or what each of them believed, individually. I bet that if you study the Founding Fathers you'll find them as diverse in their personalities and beliefs as America is today. Personally, I think we should leave the Founding Fathers out of this whole argument, they lived over 250 years ago and the world was a much different place then than it is now. We should concentrate the discussion on the issues we face today and modern solutions to them.

Comment Re:Fever? (Score 1) 692

computing in the future won't be tethered to a keyboard and mouse, that's 20th century input, we're in the 21'st century now. with voice recognition getting better by the year you'll soon* be able to use your bluetooth hands free headset from your phone with your tablet as a general input device along with the touch interface that we have now.

* Soon can be defined as any time in the next 30 days to the next 30 years, and everything in between

Comment Re:It comes down to... (Score 2, Insightful) 1318

Yeah, because one lawyer officially represents the views of all 1 billion Muslims. Just like Rousas John Rushdoony officially represents the views of all Christians, Including the view that your children should be taken from you and stoned to death if they disobey you.

If you think kooks like this in far away Pakistan are dangerous take a look in your own backyard, the Christian Reconstructionists want to do away with Democracy and turn the American government into a Christian version of the Taliban. There are homicidal crazy people in just about any social group.

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