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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - stop rejectin my slashdot submissions 2

R00BYtheN00BY writes: wow u noobs rejected my news TWICE just like teh noobs that downrank my psts so i cant post WTF stop[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Todd\My Documents\My Pictures\fag1.gif[/img]

A Three-Way AMD Opteron Server 137

Abdul tips a thin little review up at The Inquirer of the Themis Slice. "The Slice is a three socket Opteron machine with two PCIe slots and two Infiniband 4x ports... Why would you want three sockets rather than four? Easy, latency. Any CPU in a 3S system is one hop away from any other CPU. In a 4S system, you can be two hops away. This adds latency, and more importantly, you take a big hit on cache coherency latency. This kills performance."

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