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Comment Re:My Guide (Score 1) 160

As for "try and X," I do agree that it lacks proper punctuation. If you want to be taken seriously you need philosophical rantings to take on a more precise syntax:

Try, and develop a style.

Do or do not; there is no try.

It does not matter whether your try, it only matters whether you develop a style.

Comment Re:And I'm the feminist deity (Score 1) 446

Yes, dentists are well paid - eventually - but they start earning late, a few years after a software dev, they have a much larger school debt to pay off, and just like a software dev, the early years don't pay so well.

... and they have to spend their working lives peering into people's mouths. I've never understood why anyone would choose that as a career (unless the money is really good).

Comment Re:You have your wish I guess (Score 1) 140

I'm just basing the relative experience level by your UID ...

And on what did you base your assumption that UID correlates to writing experience? I would have expected that someone who has apparently been writing for longer than Slashdot has existed would have realised that other posters might also have been writing for longer than they have been registered at Slashdot.

Comment Re:How many minutes until this is mandatory? (Score 1) 287

I think Ford should invest in getting everyone a moving map GPS

... displays will be in all new cars starting in 2018, because backup cameras will be mandatory. So sticking in a GPS is a minimal cost. For many current cars, the backup camera and GPS are part of the same package. ....

That's all very well, but I don't usually have a problem navigating when I'm reversing - I want the GPS to work when I going forwards!

Comment Re:Problem of a tech illiterate population (Score 1) 130

... Much like we have a national do-not-call registry, we need a national do-not-track registry that covers the individual and any information source they choose to register.

Wrong. We need a DO-call registry and a DO-track register. Privacy should be the default state. I should have to opt IN to being called by tele-marketers, spammed, tracked etc, not opt out.

Comment Re: 66 percent of all point-of-sale transactions (Score 1) 753

100 percent of all point-of-sale transactions are done with plastic... at least they are in Australia where we replaced paper notes with plastic ones back in 1988. Australia's $1 notes were also replaced with coins back in 1984 (go figure).

Wrong. Some transactions use coins, which are made of metal, not plastic. Last I checked, not every transaction was in multiples of $5 (the lowest denomination Australian note/bill).

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