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Journal subgeek's Journal: meat beat manifesto is still an unbelievably good show 1

your last chance to catch this US tour is tonight in chicago at the abbey pub. if i weren't a little wiped out from the drive home from cleveland, i'd consider the drive to chicago just to catch it again.

rob, elmegil, you should think about taking a break and catching a show unlike anything you've seen before. so should anyone else around chicago. here's a link to the venue for your convenience. i was underwhelmed by dälek, the opening act. it could have just been that the sound set up the had was bad, but it made it hard to want to listen to anything the dude was rapping about. so i don't know their message. all i can tell you is that they're angry and noisy, but the noise i heard was mostly non-destinct.

anyway, back to the topic at hand. meat beat rocked it. as my friend bill said, "that may be the best live show i've ever seen in my life." i think anyone with even a passing interest in electronic and/or sampled music would love that show. it was very similar to last year, but this time around mark pistol wasn't running any of the gear on stage, so it was just jack dangers and ben stokes manning the electronic gear and turntables. they again used xovox video software by chris o'dowd to have all samples video based instead of just sound based. so all of the movie samples you hear also have the corresponding video projected onto one of the two video screens, whether they're triggered the traditional way with a MIDI keyboard or scratched up on digital turntables. lynn farmer is still in the show, and is still one hell of a drummer. lots of stamina. it was probably about an hour and 15-20 minutes of the main set and then another 15-20 of encore.

so good. the fact that it was mostly the same set that i saw last year didn't diminish it at all. even the songs that repeated from last time were different this time around. even though it was sample based and electronic, it was still obviously a live performance.

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meat beat manifesto is still an unbelievably good show

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  • Tuesday night. Wife's on meds that are messing up her head some (as in migraines, mood issues). Not going to happen AGAIN. Rrrr. Can I at least beg a copy of the live at the Metro CD that I'm sure you bought? :-)

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