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Comment Perhaps through affiliate data feeds... (Score 1) 241

My guess is that some of these links might have come from affiliate data feed links (or affiliates using spamming techniques to generate urls based on keyword search terms), where they might have done some 301 magic on products no longer available... A lot of the links contain the term 'ref=sr_bmvd_redirect', which i can't see anywhere on Target's site, but i can see it being mapped somehow from their feed url format '*****?url=/***product keyword***/' Whether it's down to google, target or their affiliates, IMO Target should do the decent thing and put a noindex meta tag on the search results page, and Google should do more to mark this sort of page as duplicate content (even if it does contain embedded google ads, which might be helping the unique content factor).

Comment total google removal?.. (Score 1) 549

i wonder if this block on google will extend to not using google ads on NI sites, and not using enhanced google search to find content on them.... surprisingly, this quality online establishment ( hasn't picked up the story yet.

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