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Comment There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 2) 108

One of the random notifications when the app starts up is "Don't drive while playing Pokemon Go" (of which there are around 5 total possible notifications).

The other, is if you are moving fast the game tells you not to drive while playing, and prompts you to confirm you are a passenger.

Personally, I think the app should be fully disabled while moving fast passenger or not.

Comment Re:Still most downloaded app (Score 1) 189

1. It interacts with real life. If you want to hit those poke stops and gyms you have to plan your route.
2. Throwing a ball correctly requires some skill, which will increase your chance of capture and get more exp.
3. Nope, individual pokemon in the same species can differ on their stats, even at max level.
4. This isn't bad (and slightly wrong, as there are things like eggs, lures, potions, ect...)
5. Your major end-game challenge is trying to hold on to as many gyms as possible.

In any case, there is enough there to keep it going for a while. Not forever, but I would imagine Niantic is hard working on new stuff.

Comment Still most downloaded app (Score 3, Insightful) 189

Ok, so you have a really popular app come out. Lots of people try it and like it. Then lots more try it because lots of other people are. This second group doesn't see what is appealing and chucks it. This still doesn't detract from it being popular, or indicate it is doomed.

E.g. Look at World of Warcraft, now has 1/2 the subscribers it did at its peak a few years ago. Despite this it is still going strong as the most popular MMO.

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