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Comment Re:Ah the 90s. (Score 4, Insightful) 228

I didn't get glasses until I was 30. I was told that I should have had them as a child, but I didn't know any better. Sure you turned out fine, but what if things were different? Could you have been better, more creative if you had more time to play? Or maybe the schooling you did have made you more focused? We will never know.

Comment Re:Also kicks out scores from third party purchase (Score 1) 85

It wouldn't help much. There are companies that sell positive reviews, and probably have a tool to fool the system into thinking the game they are playing is active (or just ask the developer to add a startup configuration app for the game). They will have active accounts (although you could flag them as having a large steam library of product-key activated games).

Comment Re:Laws should be changed... (Score 1) 241

No one would want to be leader of a country then. Every decision that is made can cost lives, whether it be sending troops into battle or allocating funds to one place or another.

If we worry about not hurting everyone with every action we take, we would get nothing done, which would end up hurting everyone in the long run.

Comment Re:Laws should be changed... (Score 1) 241

I'm not disagreeing with you that the penalty should be higher. Rather, I am simply stating that it doesn't make sense to scale cost on the fully company resources.

I do however disagree with the resources thing. Adding a torrent is far easier than finding it, properly verifying it infringes, and sending a takedown notice. If a company has a legit takedown notice for 10,000 items, 5 of which are wrong, it is really fair to fine them $750,000 despite having an accuracy rate of 99.95%? If it were 90% (which it probably is) then it is a problem.

Comment Re:Laws should be changed... (Score 3, Insightful) 241

The problem with this is twofold:

1. It wouldn't work. Companies would just create shell companies that don't make any money, which are responsible for the take-down notice.

2. It unfairly punishes big companies which are involved in a lot of things, and as a result, make a lot of mistakes.

Comment Not sure (Score 1) 205

I work at a large company. Even though I listen to key notes, etc... I don't have the background to make the decisions that are made, or know if they are any good. Maybe given a couple of months of research in determine how good the decisions are, I might be able to make an informed decision, but not today.

If I had to decide, I would say no, purely for the reason that replacing a CEO causes disruption.

Comment There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 2) 175

One of the random notifications when the app starts up is "Don't drive while playing Pokemon Go" (of which there are around 5 total possible notifications).

The other, is if you are moving fast the game tells you not to drive while playing, and prompts you to confirm you are a passenger.

Personally, I think the app should be fully disabled while moving fast passenger or not.

Comment Re:Still most downloaded app (Score 1) 194

1. It interacts with real life. If you want to hit those poke stops and gyms you have to plan your route.
2. Throwing a ball correctly requires some skill, which will increase your chance of capture and get more exp.
3. Nope, individual pokemon in the same species can differ on their stats, even at max level.
4. This isn't bad (and slightly wrong, as there are things like eggs, lures, potions, ect...)
5. Your major end-game challenge is trying to hold on to as many gyms as possible.

In any case, there is enough there to keep it going for a while. Not forever, but I would imagine Niantic is hard working on new stuff.

Comment Still most downloaded app (Score 3, Insightful) 194

Ok, so you have a really popular app come out. Lots of people try it and like it. Then lots more try it because lots of other people are. This second group doesn't see what is appealing and chucks it. This still doesn't detract from it being popular, or indicate it is doomed.

E.g. Look at World of Warcraft, now has 1/2 the subscribers it did at its peak a few years ago. Despite this it is still going strong as the most popular MMO.

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