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Comment Re:Come on guys (Score 1) 320

It's more about some port being open which is exploitable to attacks, maybe something like a bug in the system clock that will brick your computer on a certain date, or maybe they need to revoke a trusted cert.

No matter what you do, when you manage a system that is widely used, you will negatively impact someone.

Comment Re:Funny, that's not what I've heard about Seattle (Score 2) 126

It's all relative to how much you make. I pay $1600 rent to live 15 minute walk from work (1 bedroom) and still manage to have 20K left over every year in my entry level job (that includes generous contributions to retirement). If I had a family, I probably would take that $1000 house rental that is an hour drive away.

Protip: leave for work at 6:30, you can beat traffic that way.

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