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Comment Re:At $31 per album (Score 4, Informative) 291


Tunecore will charge just $31 a year in upfront fees to handle a 10-track CD from pressing to delivery, passing all other costs through to the buyer.


If one of Amazonâ(TM)s 80 million customers buys your 10-song CD on Amazon for $8.98, youâ(TM)ll receive $3.59


one obvious drawback to this model is that you canâ(TM)t sell an on-demand CD at shows, where enthusiastic fans are most likely to pick one up.

That being said, if anyone here wants to potentially earn some money. Create a mobile (or iphone) app that will allow you to buy the CD from amazon, as well as download the tracks (DRM free) to your mobile device there and then. Perhaps using the barcode apps. This would be the best of both (plus another) worlds.

Comment Re:Alien Technology? (Score 1) 400

There is a video lecture series (wave physics 101 stylee) I can't remember the exact video but it was Berkley and Professor Richard A. Muller. The name is definitely correct.

In one of the videos he proposes that what actually occured in Roswell was that the flying saucers (originally discs, and actually disc microphones) were built to listen for Soviet Nuclear detonation tests: there is a specific height in the atmosphere where sound waves spread out on the surface of a sphere (thus energy travels farther); there is a similar effect underwater. It is a pressure/temperature balance effect. A balloon with these flying discs was floated to the appropriate altitude to listen out.

Due to the paranoid nature the military necessarily takes with anything Nuclear, I wouldn't be surprised if it was top secret. Take it for what you will though. I personally believe in alien life on a statistical basis alone; however, show me first hand evidence of them visiting earth (literally bring that mofo to my house and let me shake his ...whatever/hand) or GTFO.

Apologies for spelling, this was a rushed post.

Comment Re:Out of line (Score 2, Insightful) 461

Wow. People replying with the most offensive things they can think of does come across as a bit petulant. I'd have to side with halivar on this one.

Personally, the only things that offend me are ignorance, bigotry and zealous hatred. Humour is the most powerful tool against fear; perhaps the only tool we all have. If you are offended by something someone says then you should ask yourself why you are offended. More often than not, it is because you see in yourself that which caused offence and believe that by attacking the source of the offence you can purify yourself of it... but this is all psychobabble.

Don't you think if a sniper rifle played a theme song (big hint: giving away the location of the shooter!) it would be the worst rifle accessory ever? Do you think that if it didn't play a theme song after a head shot then it would be acceptable? That is what the gun is for, killing people! regardless of whether or not it has any accessories. If the poster hadn't made that joke do you think the gun would be less lethal? Is there something sacred about the gun that causes offence if you apply humour to its (wait for it....) designed purpose?

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