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Comment Re:No separation of church and state (Score 1) 209

I'm always surprised to learn about such progressive countries which doesn't have separation of church and state. The fact that an organization have to prove it is a religion on order to issue marriages seems so medieval.

Where did you get the idea that marriages can only be officiated by religious clerics in NZ? That's an assumption you've made all by yourself.

In NZ, individuals can apply to be marriage celebrants, and organisations that "uphold or promotes religious beliefs, or philosophical or humanitarian convictions" can apply to be able to nominate their own celebrants. The article mentions examples like Yoga and Humanist organisations as non religious groups that have already done so.

And you can do the civil office thing too without a celebrant.

Comment Re:It's all an evil plot to cross-breed (Score 1) 265

It's all an evil plot to cross-breed Theo's masturbating monkeys with Bill Gates winged monkeys to produce monkeys who can both simultaneously fly and masturbate.

The last time they tried cross-breeding anything with Bill's winged monkeys they ended up with gargoyles that looked a lot like Steve Ballmer.

Of course Steve Ballmer himself was an earlier result of cross-breeding Mr Blobby and Uncle Fester.

Comment Re:OpenBSD (Score 1) 95

LibreSSL seems to have been immune to somewhere between half and two thirds of OpenSSL vulnerabilities recently. Not perfect, but a significant improvement.

Early on this was mostly due to the amount of outdated crap they deleted (less attack surface area), but as time goes on more and more will hopefully be due to improving the code that was left behind.

There's still a long way to go though.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 830

In most textbooks, the units are metric. This has been the same since I was in school in the 70's. It's just real life that is SI, and for some reason, real life seems to stick better.
Still, there are plenty of things that are in metric units. Engine sizes and soda bottles (but not cans) being the examples that immediately spring to mind.
Oddly enough, most American cars have nuts and bolts that are metric because we want to seem cool and hip, but most Japanese cars (manufactured for the USA) have SI nuts and bolts because they are pandering to Americans.

Are you talking about a different 'SI' that I'm not aware of? Unless someone is being overly pedantic, for day to day usage SI and metric are effectively the same thing.


Although a number of variants of the metric system emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the term is now often used as a synonym for "SI" or the "International System of Units"

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