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Journal Journal: windows....

I'm sorry, but for some reason I find the following sentence way too amusing:

A security issue has been identified in the Color Management Module that could allow an attacker to compromise your Microsoft Windows-based system and gain control over it.

Color Management? Wow, they really fucked it up.

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Journal Journal: Who still uses Mozilla?

I've been using Mozilla for my web browsing, email, and occasional WYSIWYG HTML authoring needs since I decided that the Netscape 4 layout engine was too out-of-date at around the time of the 1.0 release of Mozilla. I switched because it offered modern rendering capabilities in a microslut-free open source package, and had the feel of Communicator that I grew up with. Now I don't know how I could live without extensions like tabs and mouse gestures.

Meanwhile, a project called Phoenix started to pop up on the mozilla website. It was a stripped-down version of mozilla, including only the browser component, with a lightweight GUI. The project was renamed because of a trademark issue to Firebird, and by the time it hit 1.0 was called Firefox, now a household name. Firefox started taking market share away from Internet Explorer and has now dwarfed the popularity of mozilla.

I continued to use mozilla happily, not thinking that Firefox people would ever get in my way. Then I started installing more extensions, and began to see compatibility issues. For instance, one of the things that allows mozilla to be extended and still kept under control is the preferences dialog box, where extensions can add their own pages into a hierarchical menu without having to put their own shortcuts in the main application menus. Firefox's prefs window is extremely simplified and lacks this expandability. As a result, extensions that are now mostly designed for Firefox have to put their configuration systems somewhere else, usually launched from the Tools menu, creating an extremely inconsistent interface.

The mozilla platform, while being criticized for being bloated and slow, is cool because applications like an email client, calendar, IRC client, games, and a javascript debugger can easily be plugged into the same program. I'm all for more people converting to standards-compliant browsers (be it mozilla, firefox, konqueror or anything else) and forcing web developers to stop coding to MSIE, but I hope the mozilla suite will continue to be available for the power users who want it.

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Journal Journal: On the broadcast monopoly of the National Bullshit Channel

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last month, you don't need me to tell you that the Summer Olympics in Athens opened tonight.

Land of the free, indeed. Most viewers in this great nation covering the central part of the North American continent had the choice of watching the ceremony on, count them, 1 media outlet. So I listened to Costas and Couric yammer over the tape delayed program for four hours. Here are a few complaints.

Because of the large time zone difference between Greece and America, the event was on a tape delay. This had a few continuity issues. Because of the sheer number of participating athletes (or other reasons) the Parade of Nations had to be interrupted by quite a few commercial breaks. Now, the obvious way to do this would be to pause the tape during the breaks so you don't miss any of those former Soviet republics or Pacific island nations whose names you can't pronounce. But apparently NBC wants it to look live. Upon returning from each block of advertisements, they quickly ran through clips of the countries we "missed" during the break. Uh, hello? Why is this even necessary? Would someone mind telling me what they're high on?

Then there was Bjork.

The hosts were very fascinated with the Icelandic singer's 30,000 square foot dress bearing a gigantic blimp-readable print of a Robinson world map that was slowly being stretched over the heads of the sea of athletes (the "sea" covering the center of the arena through which a 9-year-old boy sailed his paper boat had been drained hours ago), and kept commenting on it throughout the entire song. But the music wasn't much to listen to either. Most of the video feeds from this segment came from cameras embedded among the 536 US athletes, which, for all NBC cared, might as well have been the only ones there.

What's someone without a C-band dish or proximity to the Canadian border who can't stand this crap to do? Last week /. carried an AP story about the new live internet broadcasts of this years games, drawing over 400 comments so far. We would like to watch the men's road race tomorrow morning, so I figured going through a proxy in the UK or something would be doable. Finding the proxy shouldn't be too hard, but I haven't located any inks to feeds so far.

As the athletes form Indonesia marched by, Katie Couric explained to us that there was not going to be any television coverage in that country, until a cable company stepped in and decided to broadcast it; however, few people there have cable. I guess nobody there has broadband internet access, so they didn't bother to mention the internet broadcasts. Or, they just want to keep this information out of Americans's heads.

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: another problem with luna

what about those css-modified form elements, esp. buttons? you can change the color, borders, etc. all easy enough to modify when drawing buttons with GDI, but what about image-based xp theme controls? fall back to the square buttons?

Now I can't even remember why I decided to write this.

Oh, yeah the light gray buttons on my router(3crwe51196)'s admin pages.

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Journal Journal: Slash-powered Futurama quotes

X-Fry: I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth.

X-Bender: I'm tired of this room and everyone in it!

X-Fry: I'm gonna be a science fiction hero, just like Uhura, or Captain Janeway, or Xena!

X-Bender: They're tormenting me with uptempo singing and dancing!

X-Bender: A woman like that you gotta romance first!

X-Bender: But-- those girls don't wear cases! You can see their bare circuits!

X-Bender: The laws of science be a harsh mistress.

X-Bender: Wait! My cheating unit malfunctioned! You gotta give me a do-over!

X-Bender: Gimme your biggest, strongest, cheapest drink.

X-Bender: There! That oughtta convert a few tailgaters.

X-Bender: Fry, of all the friends I've had ... you're the first.

X-Bender: I'm not allowed to sing. Court order.

I think there are more. But I have better things to do than reload /. over and over with this thing running

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Journal Journal: terror alert

I want a terror alert high/elevated/guarded/taupe slashbox!
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Journal Journal: My Windows XP bug list

1. (a small interface display bug) In dialog boxes or other windows that contain hyperlinks (Microsoft is putting these everywhere), try moving your mouse over the link. It will change to a little hand. Now, you will decide not to click it, but move on to another region of the window (maybe they never thought people would rollover the link and not click it). watch your pointer. STILL A HAND! Only when you move it to another control and not an empty space, will it turn back to an arrow.

2. (another display thing, but much more annoying at times) tooltip exchanges. This works anywhere you have a bunch of tooltip'ed controls right next to each other, eg a taskbar, toolbar, systray, smileys menu on windows messenger. It seems to happen more reliably when a lot of (especially non-microsoft) programs are running. First, hold the cursor over one item. the tooltip appears normally. Then move to another quickly. Something funny happens. Same text as the first item, although its the width it would be if it were the text for the current item. Move to some more items. The text is always one step behind you.


The details field turns blank when Explorer is building thumbnails sometimes.

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Journal Journal: Problems with concurrent moderators on the same discussion 1

I go into a coments page, see a comment called 'First', select the 'Troll' moderation. Meanwhile, someone else selects 'Offtopic' for the same comment and clicks Moderate before I did. Since the comment was already 0, modding it down puts it below my threshold. So, the comment above it goes from 1 to 0, with a troll mod i didn't mean for it. Now I'm probably gonna get M2'd unfair for this.
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Journal Journal: banner ads, Irony of, slashdot

does anyone else find some irony in a large part of slashdot's ads being for Visual considering most of /. readers hate microsoft and/or run *nix and can't use visual studio.|\|37

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