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Submission + - DVD to NAS to tablet: how to do it? 1

andre.david writes: We have two toddlers learning 3 languages: mine, my wife's, and our common language.
Since I am not home during the day, my wife shows some DVD titles to them in my language.
It's becoming cumbersome to load the DVD: we have no TV, so this uses up her laptop's screen...
So I was wondering if anyone had already gone through the process of ripping the DVD to some digital format, put it in a NAS and then the kids can themselves watch it in a tablet.
Given my setup at home there are 3 items that need to align properly:
1) ripping the DVD to some file format using a Mac (Hanbrake?)
2) streaming it from Western Digital My Book World Edition that is using FeaturePacks (Twonky?) and
3) and a streaming client for the iPad2 (no idea!).

Submission + - Slovak version of RIAA charges for public performance of public domain works (

NetDanzr writes: And you thought you had it back with the RIAA... On special occasions, such as religious holidays, villages all over Slovakia customarily have children concerts of centuries old folk songs. SOZA, the Slovak version of RIAA, has started sending invoices for these performances, despite the fact that the songs are hundreds of years old, have no known author and would have been considered public domain even before the country existed (if there were a concept of music copyright back then). SOZA's argument: Because the villages did not notify the organization about the concert, along with the list of songs to be performed (as required by the law), they had to assume the villages were planing to include copyrighted songs, and as such are guilty and must pay. Here is a Google translation of the story.

Submission + - Facebook Smartphone a Dumb Idea (

beaverdownunder writes: Farhad Manjoo examines Facebook's rumoured entry into the smartphone market, concluding, "So what would be the point in using the Facebook phone? Well, remember, it will be cheap. But so are lots of Android phones. If Facebook makes a phone, then, the device will necessarily spark a battle for the low end of the phone market, with each company offering ever-cheaper devices in the hopes of cashing in on some future advertising bonanza. If you're looking for a cheap, ad-heavy phone based on a dubious business model, you should rejoice. Otherwise, try to stifle your yawns."

Comment Not buying again (Score 3, Interesting) 998

Civic Hybrid owner:
- Great on gas mileage
- Gutless.. I have an easier time passing people in my turbo diesel truck
- Weird issues with batteries.. Leave the car for a week, batteries are dead.
- Did I mention Gutless?

Overall, I've been happy with the gas mileage but I won't buy another hybrid. The experience outside of the good gas mileage has been disappointing. I'll probably try the diesel car route like a VW Jetta the next time around.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Applecare Support Nightmare 53

Apple is now [EDIT: OFF] my shit list. Not that I think Steve Jobs actually reads the email sent to his public address [EDIT: HE DID! AND HE HAD AN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT COMPLETELY RESOLVE MY PROBLEM! SEE COMMENTS FOR DETAILS], but here's my letter in an electronic bottle meant for him:

[EDIT: to include email header info]

United States

Submission + - Anti-spam lawsuit seeks $1 billion

jcatcw writes: A lawsuit filed today on behalf of Project Honey Pot members seeks $1 billion from both spammers and those who harvest e-mail addresses. Project Honey Point has collected more than 6 million spam e-mails, 2.5 million IP addresses from which spam was sent and about 15,000 IP addresses belonging to e-mail harvesters. Unlike many other anti-spam initiatives, Project Honey Pot does a good job of gathering evidence against e-mail harvesters that will probably stand up in a court of law.

Submission + - A futher clarification on the bees..........

Vvaghel1 writes: "Seeing as there have been a few posts on the Bees and their [alleged] population decline in western nations, a recent news story both claims that a pathogen that is responsible has been identified as well as makes clear that there may be a concensus among researchers that this decline is a real abberation [something that many /.ers are skeptical of]. From the article: A team of scientists from Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and University of California San Francisco identified both a virus and a parasite that are likely behind the recent sudden die-off of honey-bee colonies ........... Using a new technology called the Integrated Virus Detection System (IVDS), which was designed for military use to rapidly screen samples for pathogens, ECBC scientists last week isolated the presence of viral and parasitic pathogens that may be contributing to the honeybee loss. The story: 6100117.htm Those claiming to have identified the pathogen:"

Sony Takes on YouTube with Video-Sharing Site 82

thefickler writes "According to Reuters, Sony has announced that it will launch a video-sharing site in Japan as part of its 'quiet software revolution'. Speaking at a press conference in Tokyo, Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that the new site will be 'an opportunity to transmit user-generated video anywhere you want to, anytime to anybody, in a protected environment.' The new site, which will be called eyeVio, will be first launched in Japan, although Sony hopes to also launch it overseas should the Japanese version prove a success. It will be free to users, and the idea is that Sony will eventually generate revenue through advertising."

Feed Lego-built "self tracker" train does things at its own pace (

Filed under: Robots

Got an immorally excessive amount of free time, and a good helping of patience to boot? Then peep the video after the break. We fell asleep a full three times watching the 1:44 video of David Wegmuller's Lego "self tracker," but that doesn't mean we don't recommend you give it a look yourself. The machine is basically a souped-up "train," which can place its own track, Wallace & Gromit style. The sluggish bot rolls onto a freshly lain track piece, and then turns to grab the one behind and swing it around in front. We're impressed greatly by the total lack of utility and all-around foolishness / ingenuity of the project, and can't wait to see what David brews up next.

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Submission + - MIT admissions dean resigns amid faked credentials

jas_public writes: USA Today reports that Dean Marilee Jones, a prominent crusader against the pressure on students to build their resumes for elite colleges, resigned Thursday as dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after acknowledging she had misrepresented her own academic credentials.

Jones, dean since 1997, issued a statement saying she had misrepresented her credentials when she first came to work at MIT 28 years ago and "did not have the courage to correct my resume when I applied for my current job or at any time since."

Hi, I'm a Mac, and I'm Your Enterprise Computer 469

Esther Schindler writes "Not just another 'why big companies should adopt Macs' article, CIO is running a piece assuming that Macs are already on the way in the door. Hi, I'm a Mac, and I'm Your Enterprise Computer offers advice to IT managers about how to integrate Apple systems into the existing IT infrastructure, and offers hints from leading Mac OS X experts on configuring those systems once they've arrived. '[A] key element in corporate Macintosh adoption is the importance of third-party software and custom solutions. They can help smooth the way for integrating Macs onto the network. While specialists say they wish third-party support were greater, the openness of the Mac makes correcting issues possible. Don't discount the lure of the well-worn path that draws and then traps your IT staff into familiar habits.'"

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