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Comment Embraces what kids are doing anyway (Score 5, Insightful) 366

They're embracing something that kids are doing anyway. The Scouts have been modifying their program in recent years. They now have a leadership position for Troop Webmaster, a Jamboree on the Internet and have wholeheartedly embraced Geocaching. I would have thought this would be marked as one giant leap for nerd-kind. They're saying it's OK to play video games. Where's the "HUZZAH"?

The requirements talk about comparing prices of games & consoles (and store return policies), teaching others how to play games, balancing homework/videogames, and picking games that will help improve school skills. You know, the kinds of things we discuss here all the time?

Comment Wool is expensive (Score 1) 243

Wool and other animal fiber is expensive, and there is a huge market for it. My wife is happy when a skein of wool yarn costs less than $10, and it's not unusual to see her drop $25 just to knit a pair of socks. Oher animal fibers cost even more -- I think the most expensive one I've seen is Musk Ox, which runs about $150/skein (but sooooo soft). There's some markup involved, plus labor for dying etc, but still -- animal fiber is expensive.

Human hair on the other hand we have no use for -- barbers sweep it into the trash.

eBay to Drop Negative Feedback on Buyers 505

Trip Ericson writes "ArsTechnica is reporting that eBay plans to drop negative feedback on buyers. It's just one of a number of changes eBay will be making in the near future. 'eBay's data shows that sellers are eight times more likely to retaliate in kind against negative feedback, a figure that has grown dramatically over the years. In an attempt to mollify sellers, eBay will initiate a handful of seller protections to offset the inability to speak ill of a buyer. Negative and neutral feedback will be removed if a buyer bails on a transaction or if the buyer has his or her account suspended. Buyers will have less time to leave feedback, and won't be able to do so until three days after the auction ends. eBay is also pledging to step up monitoring and enforcement of its policies around buyers who behave very badly.'"

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