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Comment Re:Battlestar Galactica (Score 1) 852

"The story ... is more about the journey than the destination."

I agree 100 percent. And, as I think about it, I think that it was probably not possible to engineer a conclusion to the story that was really satisfying, at least not if it involved actually reaching a destination. Of course, in my opinion, it certainly didn't help that so many story elements of seeming significance were constructed and, ultimately, not resolved in the manner BSG had typically dealt with things. By that, I mean in terms of human resolutions, and not supernatural/religious ones.

Yes, I know that religious themes existed throughout the series. I was never a fan of that aspect of the show... in particular, the parts dealing with Baltar's religious stuff. Maybe it's different strokes for different folks, and that's fine... but I never dug that stuff, so it is little consolation to me that any of that fed into the ending.

I have read through a lot of postings here in my attempt to synthesize an understanding of the ending that would lead to a greater sense of satisfaction, so that I could walk away from BSG a happier camper. That a few folks have been able to explain/justify some of the show's ending is interesting to me, but it doesn't really improve my opinion of the ending. I'm a fairly smart guy, with eyes and ears and a brain, and I've watched a lot of movies and TV in my day; I know the difference between good movie and TV endings and the not-so-good... seldom do I need to have the good examples explained to me. Perhaps sometimes I gain additional insight from others' explanations, but it just adds to my already-developed opinion. I can't help but conclude that BSG missed the mark to a significant extent... despite whatever merits it had, I think their "wing it" approach to writing the series painted them into a corner they couldn't get out of without resorting to something that basically smells like deus ex machina, even if it doesn't meet all of the criteria in some strict sense.

Having said all that, I will conclude by saying that, for the most part, I like how they terminated each of the individuals' storylines... the execution, if you will. The acting has always been pretty good, and I was satisfied with that aspect of the finale. It's just the overall sense of story conclusion that left me wanting something different/better.

Comment Re:remote learning (Score 1) 317

Ah, 26-100. Even seeing a picture of it brings back memories. "Simson Garfinkel... SUCKS!!!" :-)

I don't agree with doing away with the lecture format (though I would certainly do away with lame profs reading from their books like my 2.40 prof did... very lame). I don't know the reasons why people would want to do away with them, nor do I care what they are (don't confuse me with facts on this one)... I just think it would be an unfortunate development.

On both occasions I've visited MIT since graduation, I've peeked inside 26-100, and both times it brought back (somewhat vague) memories of times past. Kind of funny how such things work.

Take it easy.

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