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Comment Re:The girlfriend in question (Score 1) 239

Comment Re:Why lasers instead of mirrors? (Score 1) 161

Here's a simple (thought) experiment for you. Go outside (or use any single fixture) and hold a mirror right in between the light source and a coin. Now try to shine/aim a beam of light at the coin at from your mirror. What is your conclusion?

Now do the same, but allow the mirror to move a little slightly. Now compare the strength of this beam of light one if the target was between the mirror and the light source, but off to the side a little.

From this (thought) experiment we have come to the conclusion that the maximum brightness of the beam of light is when the target is between the mirror and the source of light (assuming the target doesn't cast a shadow on the mirror), anywhere else and there would be a decrease in the brightness of the light from the mirror.

Comment Re:Sensor accuracy (Score 1) 144

To address your "concern" about the profitability of this product, this is a very obvious niche market targeted at the wallets of parents in attempts to improve their child's handwriting and spelling between the Christmas/birthday delivery of the newest iPads, iPhones and laptops take over their brains with auto correct.

I'm sorry, I wasn't aware I was supposed to research all viable producers of digital pens for you. My mistake, here you go: . Many of the options here are pens for tablets, but as you can see, there are many actual digital pens being sold here as well. Please do purchase and write at least 250 words review on the various implementations of the techniques to capture your handwriting. Also, create and build a post production prototype of your laughably inelegant glove contraption to monitor user's writing and compare this to the already established non-restrictive methods in capturing user's writing. Personally, I can attest that the accuracy of these devices to be very high.

Which brings us to the fact that the perpetuation of smart devices throughout society today and a laptop in every student's bag has seen the decline in this market from a lack of interest. This doesn't mean the technology has gotten more expensive or harder to manufacture. Just that it would mean that the profit margin and feature sets for each pen would need to be balanced to make this a viable competitor to capture sales from the market. Before you comment on this, please do enlighten us exactly how much each costs in materials and production before any markups or profits.

Comment Re:Sensor accuracy (Score 1) 144 I used one of these in my undergrad when it was cheaper and easier for me than lugging a laptop and books around everywhere on my motorcycle. Just because you haven't seen the tech doesn't mean it isn't there. Read the wiki article for various implementations on how they work.

Comment So much bias... (Score 1) 432 this summary at the end there that we are provoked a response for people to discuss. Congrats /. your puppet master wins again. If I were a conspiracy theories nut, I would of thought that /. was in league with the anti-pirating organizations and would dox all the people who are speak up for piracy.

Comment Re:California (Score 3, Insightful) 398

"not a single Californian on the I-15 had their headlights turned on"

I call BS. There's an effective law which requires everyone to have their lights on whenever it rains. But the 15 *is* socal so when it rains there, no one knows knows what to do. Are you sure it wasn't just a little drizzle? If it was, then you need to get your windshield cleaned and wipers replaced.

Comment Re:How can they tell? (Score 1) 227

Because of the design of the bag. All they have to do is look through their entire catalog of bags they have made in the past, see that it doesn't match any designs and viola. If you have access to the actual specs, it's pretty trivial to go through and filter the search by size, color and design. Similar thing happened to some A-lister, and VL sent her a real bag to replace her fake one, I don't remember who that was. And a quick google news search for "louis vuitton" back to 2007 came up empty. For the record, they spotted the bag in the Hangover 2 movie.

Comment Re:Farsi?? (Score 1) 574

Farsi is the official language of Iran, and this is made in Iran, so where's the problem? It's like saying "...named Mao (Mandarin for cat)" which is also Cantonese, and then saying "it's called Chinese. You don't go around saying 'in Mandarin it's called...' do you?". The Chinese examples are simplified ignoring tone, yes I speak Cantonese.

Persian is an ethnicity. Just like you'd have Mandarin which is the language of China, but are Asian. Speaking as a person who's had roommates who are Persian who migrated from Iran and are citizens of the United States. They say they speak Farsi and choose not to identify themselves as Iranians, but as Persians. They do not identify themselves as Iranians speaking Persian.
Point I'm making: made in Iran, use Iran's locales.

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