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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple want to ban iGasms

cyberianpan writes: The UK News of the World reports that UK high street adult retailer Ann Summers has come up with a new product, the iGasm- it connects to any music player & reproduces the music as a sensual vibratory experience to bring a female to orgasm. Apple are threatening legal action claiming the ad poster image rips off iPod advertising. Have Apple finally succeeded in patenting the letter i ?
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Real Estate 2.0: Web 2.0 Companies Realtors Should

vflyer6 writes: "I am sure some of you are asking "What is Web 2.0?" Unfortunately, there is no one good definition, but to paraphrase the wikipedia: Web 2.0 is a term often applied to a perceived ongoing transition on the Web from a collection of static websites to a full-fledged computing platform serving web applications to end users. The companies I mention below are provided as representative examples only and are not necessarily comprehensive."

Submission + - Oracle, HP caught sending spam

kurmudgeon writes: The Register is running a article that documents Fortune 1000 companies' contributions to the spam epidemic.

From the article: "When it comes to bot-infested PCs that spew spam, most of us assume the owners are newbie users too naive or careless to follow basic security measures. Think again. There's a good chance that the penis enlargement email that just landed in your inbox is from a network maintained by Oracle, Hewlett-Packard or some other Fortune 1000 company."

The article draws on data gathered from a spam trap maintained by a company called Support Intelligence.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple's iTV is Hot Hot Hot...literally

Anonymous Howard writes: After Apple's launch of iTV, there have been some reports of people worried about how hot the actual device is. Digital Trends actually went and did a heat test, including thermal images with the iTV next to a MacBook Pro and LaCie external hard drive. The conclude that the iTV actually gets up to 111F at its hottest, and averaging 104F! In sleep mode, the iTV is still 97.8F. That is amazingly hot.

Submission + - The Battle of Media Centers for Linux

LNXPhreak writes: "OSWeekly.com has an outlook on various media center applications that are available for Linux. "At the end of this examination, I can only conclude that what is stopping people from working off of existing projects must be related to the framework that is involved or perhaps even the style in which the original set of ideas were first put together. Regardless of why, it seems like a shame and possibly someday, we will find a way to overcome this duplication of efforts."

Submission + - A Freakonomic analysis of identity theft

mlimber writes: In a recent article, the Freakonomics guys analyze who pays for identity theft: 'So if the banks, the consumer and the police aren't sufficiently incentivized to stop identity theft, who is? ... The merchant.... "If you're a merchant," Peisner says, "you have all the liability."'

Submission + - Could Microsoft Stop the Spam?

stu42j writes: "Some notable bloggers have been talking about the spam wars — are we winning, can we win? We know that most spam is sent through botnets of compromised Windows PCs. Ignoring the question of fault or responsibility, what would you do to fix the problem, if you were in charge at Microsoft? Could Microsoft shut down the botnets?"

Submission + - FoxTrot comic jokes about RIAA

MX writes: The last Sunday drawing by Bill Amend, the creator and author of FoxTrot comics, pokes some fun at the RIAA. By teaching his Iguana how to use Bittorrent, he can one-up "Hollywood" because while they would go after "single moms, widows, grandmothers, dead people and children" they would have to insane to sue an Iguana.

The strip mentions bittorrent, hollywood, RIAA (picture), and Metallica. Quite a laugh.

Note the author does not have a link-to policy or any kind of "reuse" policy that I can find on his website. The direct link is http://images.ucomics.com/comics/ft/2007/ft070304. gif

Submission + - Microsoft to Pay $1.52 Bln in Patent Suit Damages

An anonymous reader writes: A U.S. federal jury found that Microsoft Corp. infringed audio patents held by Alcatel-Lucent and should pay $1.52 billion in damages, Microsoft said Thursday. The news comes after reports that U.S. Supreme Court justices expressed doubts about whether Microsoft Corp. should be liable for infringing AT&T Inc. patents in Windows software sold overseas. Despite the news, shares of Microsoft closed 4 cents higher, at $29.39, on Thursday.

Submission + - Seclists.Org shut down by GoDaddy and MySpace

DrowLedrow writes: Seclists Mailing list just popped out that their Domain Registrar (GoDaddy) stopped redirecting traffic to their site due to complaints by MySpace. Apparently the Full-Disclosure list mirrored a posting of the list of 56,000 MySpace Passwords that has been floating around for the past week. So MySpace asked GoDaddy to stop directing traffic, without a single cease-and-desist letter. Looks like it's time for a new registrar.

Submission + - Keeping Track of Television Shows

Wil writes: In this day and age where television takes up a fairly large chunk of peoples time, especially during prime-time, it can get to be fairly hard to keep track of when new episodes are airing and when seasons begin and end. My question for the /.ers is does anyone know of a website or program where you can select the programs you are attempting to keep track of and, when new shows are airing, the website will email you or the program will alert you?
The Internet

Submission + - Red Swoosh P2P Service Challenges BitTorrent

ReadWriteWeb writes: "Red Swoosh is a P2P desktop client which competes against the BitTorrent client. It works like this: you signup to the service, then when you have a large file that you want to publish on your website, you "swoosh" the link by adding http://edn.redswoosh.net/ to the front of the URL; then when a user clicks on a swooshed link, they are prompted to install the Red Swoosh client if they have not previously done so. Red Swoosh uses http and not a specific p2p protocol like bittorrent. Mark Cuban is an investor in Red Swoosh and he recently wrote a long post about why BitTorrent is doomed (he neglects to disclose his affiliation with Red Swoosh). Cuban says that the bittorrent protocol is actually no more efficient in terms of bandwidth than the client-server setup."

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