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Comment BTDW (Been Tried, Didn't Work) (Score 1) 414

Ever hear of the Nirvana Phone? The idea was to dock the phone into a keyboard and screen and voila! Personal workstation. There's another similar product (can't recall the name at the moment) which requires a jailbreak to function properly. I can understand wanting to have a larger screen and keyboard. That's where laptops come in. I believe we'll still see separate devices for quite a while: everyone needs a phone (and portable distraction). Everyone needs a laptop for work/homework. And many people enjoy having a tablet for media consumption and games that don't require extensive keyboard-based input. I don't think we will see any successful crossovers that don't come off as the digital equivalent of the Pontiac Aztek. But then again, nobody was expecting Apple to succeed when it basically launched the tablet market. Maybe in another ten years someone will think of some input method and form factor that nobody has ever tried before. Personally, I don't need one device that will do everything. I need my iPhone to do certain things and I need a laptop/desktop to do other things. As for a tablet, I decided to go the distraction-free, sleep-friendly route and purchased a Kindle Paperwhite. :)

Comment Re:Killed by DRM and licensing (Score 1) 263

I loved Minidisc, especially the last-generation Hi-MD recorders. My MZ-DH10P with its color screen and (crappy but usable) built-in camera was, IMO, the coolest bit of technology I ever had in my hand at the time. But SonicStage was absolute garbage software. The last release freed up a little bit of the DRM restrictions (getting rid of the three-transfer rule), but it was still clunky and behind the times. Once I bought an iPhone, I had no reason to carry around a separate media player any more, nor any type of physical media. RIP Minidisc. For this avid collector, you will always be missed.

Comment Re: The good the bad and the illegal. (Score 1) 2

Gosh, you think they could have *gasp* EMAILED their customers (they already own the database, duh!) and maybe set up an automated phone-call system to alert subscribers over the telephone. You know, non-evil stuff. Simple stuff. No need to get fancy, email and phone will take care of it.

Submission + - White House Petition to Confer National Landmark Status to Flickr API

somekind writes: Over the past few months Twitter imposed restrictions on the use of its client API, and Facebook shut down the facial recognition API supported the after acquiring the company. Mathew Ingram noted these and other examples (Google starting to charge for high-volume use of Google Maps) as evidence that "open APIs" published by a single vendor can't be trusted by outside developers. Worried about the possibility that Yahoo! might do the same with Flickr, Dave Winer has just launched a petition to Obama asking the President to declare the Flickr API a National Historic Landmark, thus (by Dave's reckoning) legally protected from arbitrary withdrawal or wholesale changes by its corporate masters. As of this post, Dave's petition has gained 24 signees.

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