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Submission + - Python 2.x vs Python 3.x

strombrg writes: I put together a very brief survey about Python 2.x vs Python 3.x use. If you've ever coded in Python, I hope you'll take a moment to fill it out. It's at

Why? Because it would be useful to know if Python 3.x is catching on yet.

Comment Re:Python in the browser ? (Score 1) 242

Python, as a plugin, would require adoption by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera - I doubt all four of these would all agree to support Python as a plugin. However, it's possible to compile Python to javascript. Most of these transpile individual Python programs to JavaScript, but one, empythoned, actually compiles CPython 2.x to JavaScript using LLVM's JavaScript backend.

Comment Re:When is python going to support parallel proces (Score 1) 242

Python the language definition, supports threads fine. CPython the reference implementation, supports threads, but while they work fine for I/O bound workloads, they are poor for CPU bound workloads. However, CPython supports multiprocessing, which uses multiple processes and shared memory; multiprocessing tends to give looser coupling between parallel code units than threading. Jython and IronPython support threads for both I/O bound and CPU bound workloads.

Comment Commentary on a bunch of languages (Score 1, Insightful) 530

C: Overcomplicated, but fast, and useful for extending most other languages

Java: Reasonable, but a bit wordy. Pretty marketable. Performs quite reasonably really, though slow to exec

C++:Probably best avoided unless you have libraries in C++ you must use (in which case you could use Cython)

Objective-C: Useless, except on an iPhone

C#: Another lockin trojan horse from Microsoft. Avoid.

PHP: Awful design. Avoid.

BASIC: Those whom the gods would destroy, first they teach BASIC.

Python: Very nice language to work in. Sacrifices performance a bit in the reference implementation, but pretty fast if you use Pypy. Can be extended using C or Cython. Sometimes off-putting to people who feel that programming "should be complicated".

JavaScript: The assembly language of the web. It's a bit of a mess, but many, many web applications use it. There have been many projects attempting to translate other languages to JavaScript, to make web development less painful. One of them is Python, another is Java. I'd be surprised if there aren't others.

Perl:What a mess! It's much too kitchen-sink. For people whose problem domains aren't complicated enough to keep them entertained, so they need a messy language to make things more interesting.

Ruby:Popular among Java programmers who don't want to use anything but Java. Kinda perlish, but not quite as bad.

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