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Comment Re:fool (Score 1) 140

Funny how boeing and other companies are coming out with stealth vehicles that don't look *exactly* the same as the F-22. Even the boeing plane that competed against the F-22 looked nothing like it and it was stealth. I'm not sure you know what you're talking about.

Doesn't like the a duplicate of the F-22 to me.

Comment There is plenty of proof (Score 2) 140

Look at their stealth bomber and their stealth fighter.. look familiar? You might think to yourself "hmm.. their stealth bomber looks nearly identical to ours.. and hey!! so does their stealth fighter!" And they just magic'd them out of nowhere. No decades of research.. no skunk-works or area 51 for testing.. just POOF.. a few years after we come up with them and BAM.. China has nearly identical copies. Just a coincidence i'm sure.

Comment total bs.. (Score 1) 364

That was never the issue. The issue was that microsoft was using their windows monopoly to push IE so if you bought Windows you got IE no matter if you wanted it or not. Google isn't using a product monopoly to force you to use android.. Completely different. Nobody cared if MS used money to push their software.. they do that all the time and nobody says a word.

Comment Creationism/ID have already lost in court.. (Score 1) 916

This has already been to court and evolution has been proven out. Creationism and ID are just religion in disguise and it can be proven. Call it what you will.. Null Hypothesis.. whatever.. it will have the same approach to life.. life just poofed into existance just because.. and it's already been proven to not be a science but religion.

Interesting documentary about how creationism/intelligent design already lost in court..

And for these reasons they'll lose again.

Comment Re:outmode (Score 1) 175

"B&N seems instead to be arguing against patents."
That statement right there is what added the annoyed tone to my post. That statement tells me that the poster doesn't know what they're talking about at all. if they had read BnN's response or even skimmed it they'd know that BnN isn't arguing about the pros and cons of patents. When a company tells you that putting " LOADING " over the top of an application that's in the process of loading data, that you need to pay exorbident fees because that somehow was "inventive" it's a laugh. That falls into the category of completely obvious to anyone since the only other place you can put it is "not on top of" the application but outside of the application boundary on the screen. .. yeah.. we should just hand over android now. Clearly MS is going to lose the massive amounts of money that went into RnD on that puppy. And think of the years it took them to look at.. you know.. every other application that's ever used that going back to the 70's. Very inventive on MS's part.
And how about the patent they're trying to enforce that was previously proven by the patent office, to be gained by deliberate deceptive means. When MS and their attornies deliberately left out previous implementations of the exact same thing that were already deemed important and related. They got busted for that way before this ever happened yet here they are trying to now enforce something that's unenforceable and has been stated so by the Patent Office.
Again.. if that person, or you had skimmed the documents that have been submitted by both parties you'd see that the statements by the original poster are completely unrelated to what's really going on.
Mostly though.. my annoyance is at MS. They've been here many times before and have been slapped down for it in the US and in Europe repeatedly.. and here we go again. Microsoft's "OH NO! a product is better than ours and we can't compete in the market place.. lets do everything we can to screw it up!" mentality is unwelcome. IMO It goes to show that MS has had it's day and shouldn't be (and probably won't be in the long run) in the position they are.
Anyway, it's a good read.. i encourage everyone to take a look and what both sides have submitted. Don't believe me.. go see what the super inventive patents that MS has (for good reason) been hiding from the Linux community for years. It will become clear why MS doesn't want the patents revealed publicly.

Comment Re:outmode (Score 1) 175

you should probably read the claims from MS, and read about the ridiculous pattens that they've had to hide for years from the linux community, and then read the response by BnN before you post responses like this. It makes it clear you haven't ready any of those things and are just blowing hot air. BnN has legitimate claims that Microsoft's pattens are BS and are not infringed upon in any way by the Nook. They also make a strong argument that MS's only goal is to shut down android at all costs by trying to charge licencing fees for their laughable pattens that are higher than the licence cost of windows 7. Check out Groklaw ( and you can read about all of this. Microsofts only hope of winning is that BnN goes bankrupt. I would say that it's in google's interest to make sure that doesn't happen. Google can stop Microsofts push against android by invalidating any claims of "infringement" in one fail swoop. And if MS looses this, they should prepare themselves for a long ride in the back seat of the mobile computing future. I doubt that you'll bother, but if you read on in the comments you'll notice how many people can give you exact software systems that used all of the features in each of these pattens well before 1992, which is prior art. Basically if BnN doesn't go bankrupt and can see this through.. not only will MS be stopped in their tracks and be forced to compete on the merits of their product (lol) but they're going to loose all of those pattens to prior art as well. Personally, I hope BnN jams their foot up MS's back side.

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 1) 560

Let's be honest.. they just couldn't do anything to fix that horrible brew, so they just decided to fancy up the can. All i can say is they understand their target audience well.. Budweiser: Idiots rejoice! We have what you've alwasy wanted.. a new can! Idiot: Is the beer any better? Budweiser: IT'S A *TOTALLY* NEW CAN! AND IT CHANGES COLORS TOO!!! Idiot: I better get some before they run out of the precious metals they use to make a color changin can out of!!!! /runs off to the store /face in hands in disbelief that it worked..

Video Game Teaches Kenyan Youth HIV-Safety 75

QuackenDuck writes "The latest video-game headlines are all about virtual sex, violence, and taxes. Here's a story that turns the 'Think of the Children' battle-cry against games on its head. VOA News reports on how the video game medium is being used to educate Kenyan youths about risky behaviors that lead to HIV infection: 'Kenya has an HIV prevalence rate of about five percent, with young women among the most vulnerable to new infection. Now, the US government and a private entertainment company have teamed up to produce and distribute a video game that teaches Kenyan youth how to avoid contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.' Many parts of the world are gritty, violent and dangerous, and this game designer is using gritty, violent and dangerous content to teach the children of Kenya."

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