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Comment Re:How is this news?? (Score 1) 391

Wow, what a great way to run Society. We will let people with strong self-interests do whatever they want to accomplish those interests, then we will know what things we can do that society won't question, let alone decide are illegal. "exploiting new technologies like blogging and Wikipedia" Companies now monitor all social media sites. I know of one that has software key loggers on all company computers to get the blog passwords and monitor the content. Any negative posting about the company and the person is fired within three weeks for general performance issues (including the use of non-work related blogging on company computers). This is not illegal. Should it be illegal for the army to do the same? I gotta say your above statements are downright worrisome. Such invasion of personal privacy is very wrong and yes, it should be illegal. Thus it should be illegal for the Army as well. Apparently you are a law-abiding citizen, which means you do not question anyone's activities as long as they can say "we are not violating any sort of legislation". Hope you never move to China, Turkey, or some other country with worse human right's violations. Your world view might be shaken... PS: I tried to put paragraph breaks, but under "preview" they don't show up.... oh well let's find out.

Comment Re:Is anyone else scared? (Score 1) 448

Scared? No. Sad? Yes. Its called Fascism. There is no new term for it, its old-school revived. My opinion is that the people desiring freedom and equality are the ones who are less prone to violence and/or forcing their ways on others. The ones desiring power and domination played along through public debates and other such circus affairs, but were silently forcing their agenda at every chance they got. So we "the public" see only "heated debates" and such, but the legislation and policies have been changing behind the curtains. Now the majority of people are law-abiding citizens, so any story will now be portrayed as "they broke the law and hacked Sony's property" and most people will get a concerned look on their face and nod.... I can't really fault them, people can't learn every issue at the drop of a hat so they don't know any better :( Don't be scared, stand for what you believe in and accept whatever happens. Then continue to stand for what is right in whatever manner is best at the time. Maybe we really SHOULD move to a pure democracy, our democratic republic seems to have only gone down-hill except for the EXCEPTIONAL struggles of a LOT of people led by some truly amazing ones such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, all the Suffragettes, Abraham Lincoln (yay, a president that did something worth mentioning!), etc. etc.

Comment Re:This story doesn't make any sense (Score 1) 448

I understand your advice, and for his own "good" a lawyer is what he should do. Most likely way to keep him out of prison, etc. Your reaction of disbelief is pure presumption, and calling his reaction stupid is an arrogant assumption that your world view is the "best". What I don't think you understand is that some people actually hold on to their personal beliefs. The right to mod their own hardware is one that graf_chokolo seems to hold dear. In that light, he is brave for releasing his database and I HIGHLY doubt he has no idea that there might be consequences for doing so. Think of how the Colonies declared war on Britain. By all accounts a "stupid" thing to do, and one that resulted in uncounted numbers of people dying. Yet I don't think you'd be the one to write a paper on their stupidity. If you're not from the US, substitute whatever major cultural revolution you believe was a good thing. Also, lawyering up is Sony's wish-come-true. That gives them TIME! They can tie him up in legal proceedings, and they have a TON of time to find his secret files, set up a smear campaign, etc. etc. etc. Ok, enough of this. Come off your pedestal of "wise" insight.

Comment Re:Early Development (Score 2) 382

Agree completely! I went and got my teaching credential which was an exercise in regurgitating bullshit and wading through requirements that did little to enhance my teaching skills. Next I find out that I can begin teaching, but am required (in California) to go through two years of BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) which adds extra meetings, extra reading, and extra assignments (yes, assignments when I'm working AS a teacher!) that have once again nothing to do with what I'm doing in the classroom unless its a "reflective essay". Top this with the fact that new teachers are saddled with 3-5 different courses to teach, and I mean different. One job wanted me to teach chemistry, physics, geometry, and some random sports related thing. That's a LOT of different lessons to plan and prep for. And for the icing on the cake, you get paid next to nothing. For those that point out summer and winter vacation, yes those are nice but the amount of work you bring home with you as a teacher is ridiculous. Especially if you are a new teacher and need to make lesson plans every week! I heard from veterans that by year 5-9 things ease up.... Now I'm in full flight, unemployed and looking for a new career. I will return to teaching only to keep myself from under a bridge since at that point the level of respect one would get is finally dipping below that of a teacher.... -Gabriel

Comment Re:This assumes... (Score 1) 930

I read, I laughed, I cried (the last metaphorically). Well done cynical humor depicting someone you can hardly have sympathy for. However it's a general tone on /. of arrogance and detachment/cruelty to assign someone's LIFE to a technical mastery of a car (car analogy built right in!). What if we judged all of slashdot (thus getting the actual 95% of true nerds even at the expense of the 5% "innocent") on the frequency that they get laid. Or better yet, laid by different people :P (gets us our 5% innocent back into "guilty"). BOOM! Rational inquisition!! and yes... I know... nobody expects it that's why you're all so surprised... -Gabriel

Comment Re:What If (Score 1) 380

Seriously, calling in the right people is a sign of humility and intelligence. If they can't figure it out and are WILLING to publicly humiliate themselves by asking a foreign agency for help.... then I say GO TOYOTA! This speaks to their commitment to excellence instead of a commitment to the bottom line.

Comment (Score 1) 865

Yes, putting democracy on hold is THE most dangerous thing. However, if there is something the general populace does NOT know and IF they DID know they would panic... I can see putting it on hold. If you guys DO put shit on hold, please remember that 10,000,000 to 2,000 is a shitty ratio. Don't fuck with the people, do your best to help them and do your BEST to tell the truth ASAP. From my own personal observations throughout life, and from studies such as "freakonomics" by it is pretty sure that only 10% of the population is actually messed up and the rest deserve the truth and the respect of those who "know better". Please help the world as best you can, and please trust the world to do they can. Explain the truth, explain the dangers, and explain what help you need!!! Trust in people to help you out. Now... if you are only worried about economic gain then... piss off? That is the stupidest and most selfish thing ever. If you think your religion is the truth... wow. Get with it. If people are really so ignorant, if the government is really so out of it that they have NO idea what the dangers are of our current situation then damn... we are probably already screwed. Now I put on my tinfoil hat, and not cause of the government.... Slashdotters are the worst most ignorant example of smart people so I put on the hat for them ;) Good luck guys! I wish you the best!!! Specially you slashdotters, go out and run, get in shape, you'll get the chics. It IS possible... just go out till you stop caring. Find a pool hall and stop being smart asses :P -Gabriel

Comment Re:Times like this (Score 1) 265

Thank you! By the time I logged in to post you already replied. I'll just add the fact that the chiseling away of rights does not need to be a huge conspiratorial scheme (for all you tin hats, AND tin hat haters). However, when some group like the SEC thinks its ok to do this it just indicates a larger trend in society that is to the detriment of civil liberties.

Comment Re:What 'Better' Means For Right Wing People (Score 1) 925

Sorry if my paragraph spacings don't show up, when I hit preview they seem to disappear. Your entire position is based on the failings of the monetary system. Inherent to the definition of civilization is the need for human beings to work together. We can not survive without one another, even though this truth might be harder to see in our dispersed society where some roles seem to have no meaning, or little enough (fast food workers?). The monetary system is a great invention that allowed people to trade goods and services very freely and thus spur innovation. No longer did you have to find someone who would trade a couple of cows for your steam engine (not historically accurate) that you could then trade for dozens of chickens, produce, clothes, etc. Monetary system, great stuff. Until (you knew this was coming) some assholes learned how to game the system. Now, I don't fault the majority of rich people for this behavior since it has "become" a part of the system but it is true regardless. The fact in modern society is that you need money to earn money. If it weren't for social programs poor people would never get a decent education and would thus never be able to earn more money. You compare a CEO to a janitor here: "Maybe next the Dems in Congress will come up with the idea that everyone, from CEO to janitor, in every company in the private sector should be paid the same? That's only fair, right? Disregard the fact that the amount of work is different, the education required is different, the skills are different." While I do not disregard the human need for incentive, can you honestly say that one person should be earning literally thousands of times more than another? We all must work together to maintain our society, so why do we reward one set of people so insanely more than another? You said "That's only fair, right?", yet I think you do not understand the difference between "fair" and "equal". This seems to be a relatively new trend so don't feel bad. I won't comment on other socialist societies and how they perceive things, however fair is not the same thing as equal. The fair thing to do is guarantee every human being with the right to shelter, food, clothing, and health care. These are the basic things that every human being needs just to exist on this planet. The world as a whole can EASILY support this requirement with a "reduction" in "quality of life" for EVERYONE that NO ONE would even notice except possibly those exceedingly rich people who would have to buy small 4 - 8 person planes instead of Gulstream Jets for their personal use..... The whole concept that conservatives have (generalizing heavily here) of being "individuals" who EARN their way and have a RIGHT to unlimited wealth is abhorrent. It is the most greedy and self-centered viewpoint I have ever seen that completely disregards the fact that society is a giant web. Every rich person has gotten there from their own initiative, AND through the work of others. There are exceedingly few people who have become rich solely off the their own sweat and blood. To say that society must sit by and watch these people suck the life out of everyone else just because the technicalities of our monetary system allow the hoarding of wealth (takes money to make money, ain't that the truth) is RETARDED! Based of some innate idea that the rich are little islands that owe nothing to the rest of the world? L .... O .... L And do NOT fall back on the idea that every person can make their own way and become rich, etc. etc. While this is true for a few career paths, once those paths are filled the option is gone for the rest of us. There is a limited availability. And, if you think people can just save up money and invest intelligently you have another thing coming. You have to earn well above the average salary in the US to even think of saving enough money to then make more money. At 75k a year my friend is barely able to support her mortgage. Eventually she will own the house and be able to sell and invest in more properties, one day becoming rather well off if everything goes well. However, 75k is well above the median salary and she will only ever be well off if things go well and by the time she is in her 40s MAYBE. "Obama's ideology dictates the lazy/poor are owed something from the rich and being successful is no longer rewarding." I don't advocate letting lazy (how dare you include poor in your statement, go read up on sociological issues to truly understand what poverty is and how it happens and perpetuates itself) people get a "free ride", except for the basic needs of shelter, food, clothing, and medical care. Lazy bums should get the bare minimum, and that means simple EVERYTHING. No ipods, no car, no concerts, no bars. Its not that individuals are owed anything from the rich, its that the rich need to stop hoarding the wealth and make sure that everyone has a FAIR chance at a decent livelihood. This includes the basic human needs and constitutional rights. The numbers support this and show that the rich would hardly even NOTICE the change. Also, one thing that bugs me is when people are anti-socialist, yet enjoy and take for granted the socialist programs in their own country! Police, fire, any government agency EVER. Oh yeah, you talk about fair? What about businesses that charge exorbitant prices simply because it is what the "market will bear"? How come someone can't charge a fair cost that would guarantee themselves a good living wage? What is the need with gouging whatever they can even if it means taking advantage of someone else's desperation (health care anyone?)???? Seriously, are we all such assholes?

Comment Re:Another misleading headline (Score 5, Informative) 235

Sorry, headline is correct. The Earth's magnetic field lines and the Sun's field lines are connecting every 8 minutes. The fact that they connect allows a stream of the solar wind into the Earth's magnetosphere and/or atmosphere. The article clearly states that the magnetic field of the sun and the earth become coupled every 8 minutes. Since this is an article posted on I'd like to assume that it isn't just another example of bad science journalism. Especially since it makes sense ;)

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