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Comment Re:Why should Detroit get special treatment? (Score 2) 398

Try driving from Los Angeles to Chicago in a tiny car some time. Midwest and western united states there is a ton of space between locations. Trying to do that in a tiny car does not work.

I'm not sure I understand your argument. What about small cars makes them unsuitable for traveling long distances?

When I was in college, I owned a Toyota Tercel, a very small car. Drove everywhere with it, without a problem. I have driven from Michigan to Texas with it multiple times.

If anything they're better since they tend to get better gas mileage. Or you arguing they small cars are uncomfortable? Well, then that's a subjective thing that brings little to the discussion at hand.

Comment Re:Ever noticed (Score 4, Insightful) 25

Only one nation has even managed to put a man on the MOON

All those losers who studied the moon before we had spaceflight should have been doing something more productive, amirite?

...or the people here could be so introverted they do not care and are not even listening.

you mean people such as yourself?

Comment Re:Scolllock and Numlock (Score 1, Insightful) 129

We get it. You think it's a better idea to do this with software. That's fine and there are no shortage of such programs.

But what about when I'm playing a game in full screen? (as mentioned in the article). What if the monitor's gone to sleep? What if I'm listening to music with the monitor off?

Just because there's another way to do this doesn't mean this do-hickey isn't useful.

Comment Re:No company can build well with a bad spec (Score 5, Insightful) 275

I would agree with you but from TFA:

Oregon had an ambitious goal: to create a place where anyone, from Medicaid recipients and small-business owners to people in the individual market, could go to shop for insurance. "In hindsight — which is always wonderful — we made decisions that made our system much more complicated to build," Baxter says.

Initially, Oracle promised it could get the job done.

Yeah, it could have been a nightmare of a spec, but if Oracle promised it could be done, then I have a hard time cutting them any slack.

Comment Re:Just academia? (Score 2) 168

Yeah, I'm not sure why the analogy to a drug gang was used as this applies to pretty much ANY organization. Even one of TFAs states as much:

As it turned out, the gang worked a lot like most American businesses, though perhaps none more so than McDonald's. If you were to hold a McDonald's organizational chart and the crack gang's organizational chart side by side, you could hardly tell the difference.

Comment Re:But their bid was lower! (Score 4, Insightful) 227

And what was the graduating class of 1985's size? In 2012, it was about 1200. So let's say in 1985 there were 1000. Given that this is Princeton, it's likely that SOME of them are doing well in their careers, maybe even so far as to be execs at some companies.

Unless there's even a hint of something illegal (or even unethical) going on here, I'm more likely to chalk it up to pure coincidence. What are they supposed to do - disallow any company with executives that happened to have attended school with the Obamas from doing govt work? If that's the case, I doubt there will be many qualified companies left

No, this just looks like guilt by association.

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