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Comment Re:Slink-e did this 6 years ago. (Score 1) 118

Yes, the Nirvis Slink-e was an early closed architecture attempt in this area. (We even have one around our lab somewhere.) If you had had the pleasure of meeting the Nirvis folks, I'm sure you'd have agreed that they were good guys. Unfortunately, the company shutdown earlier this year. Here at StreetFire Sound Labs, I can assure you that the RBX1600 music servers used by LAMP are entirely different. Most importantly, our code is open source - nearly 0.5M lines! This made it possible for the LAMP guys to customize it quickly and easily for their unique purposes. We think open source stereo equipment is the future and have bet the company on it. If you're interested, you can find out more from the discussion at I might also add that the audio path that's "pretty trivial to do" - isn't. We built custom circuitry around Cirrus Logic chipsets and spent a considerable amount time writing software to make that functionality available. The article describes the RBX1600 in greater detail at . Yes, of course we're a little biased, but the RBX1600 is a true computer server and is a powerful platform for our customers to either use out of the box or hack to their heart's content. The Slink-e was a great little product - in it's time.

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