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The Courts

Submission + - Walker Digital sues 100+ tech companies ( 1

strayant writes: On April 12, 2011, Walker Digital (who owns Priceline) sued 100+ companies for patent violations. Three of the four patents appear to generally describe the workings of any e-commerce site. I have no experience with patent law, but I heavily question the validity of such vaguely defined patents. Once again, it looks like small businesses have less of a chance surviving in this country due to these types of lawsuits.

Comment Two major points (Score 1) 446

First, let's assume that you have a film SLR... I've seen a few arguments stating the ease of deleting photos on a DSLR... okay... want to delete an image quickly on a normal SLR? Open it and expose the film to light. Second, if you're going to try to split hairs in a legal case in Kuwait, be prepared to lose.

Comment Re:Apple and the others... (Score 4, Insightful) 378

I don't see how an iPod is "game changing" and Google Maps is an "incremental innovation." They BOTH are "incremental innovations". Music players, nay, MP3 players most certainly existed before Apple came into the game.

Is it me, or is the Apple/Google comparison a touch off topic? Sure, they are both popular, but get to the point about the STARTUPS! Hell, I'd even request a comparison to a large company that isn't those two giants.

Comment iOS 4.0.2 direct download links (Score 1) 429

Comment Re:Flaw? (Score 1) 171

well, the site doesn't exactly let you know that *it* is showing you a PDF... so one could argue that it wouldn't take much to do the same in a destructive way. I'm thinking even of things like hacked sites with a little browser agent detection could seem innocent to most users... Anyone want a cheap botnet? So (1) when will this be patched, and (2) how many people will not patch.

Comment Re:Flaw? (Score 2, Insightful) 171

I'd say both, and wonder, is their code open to scrutiny? I'd love to see someone verify and certify that there's nothing malicious with their code. One can argue, however, that any other site could use this in a harmful manner. This is a *real* concern. So while the jailbreak is nice, what isn't so nice?

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