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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 380

I did a fair amount of research on Toyota and the Prius when I was buying, and here are my conclusions:

Sludge had been a problem in some engines in the early to mid 2000s, but it is not widespread.

Hybrid batteries have been very reliable, have a 100,000 mile warranty--and very few have been replaced even after that period. Those few that have failed prematurely have been replaced at no cost to the consumer. What more do you want?

And the out-of-control thing (which as not even on the radar when i was researching last summer) is still not sorted out, which is why this discussion is even here.

Just sayin'.

Comment Re:Queue joke... (Score 1) 380

You sat in one in an Auto show, and that qualifies you to say these things?

I own a 2010 Prius, and have for 8 months.

It will shift into neutral at any speed, like any other car out there. You need to hold the shift paddle in the neutral position for a few seconds, no longer than it takes to maneuver a mechanical column shifter into the neutral notch. The delay is a feature, not a keeps you from inadvertently shifting, just like the need to pull the lever on a column shifter toward you in order to shift it.

And furthermore, shifting into neutral at highway speed will NOT destroy the engine. If it could, then the standard manual transmission could not exist.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 2, Informative) 191

Apple got into the music business alright, some 25 YEARS after originally taking on the Apple name for a tiny garage-based company in a business that at the time seemed very unrelated to selling Beatles music. And ultimately Apple Computer PAID an undisclosed sum (translation: a boatload of cash) for the right to use the name in music marketing. Apple and Apple did have an agreement prior to the most recent one, its just that Apple Comp eventually grew out of it, and it had to be settled again, and indeed it was.

Actually, Apple DID grab a very related trademark: the iCal name was already in use for some time by another software calendar maker, Brown Bear software. The Brown Bear software site now explicitly states that Apple is using the iCal mark by license, and brownbear is still selling their own product with the iCal name. All without benefit of any headline lawsuit that I ever saw.

Submission + - Scientists Induce an Out-of-body Experience (

that_old_fool writes: Using virtual-reality goggles scientists have learned how to reproduce the feeling of an "out-of-body" experience. From the article: "Dr Ehrsson then tested how touch is combined with vision to locate the self. When he tapped his volunteers on their chests at the same time as he tapped the air at chest-height below the cameras, they reported feeling that the core of their identity inhabited the camera's position. They were, in other words, out of their own bodies, and they considered their real selves — seen through the goggles — as another person. When, however, he prodded the chest and the air at different times, that illusion immediately dissolved."

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