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Comment fire the idiot? (Score 1) 245

Telling this in this place is like going to the black's place and say "how do I kill this nigga?". Who is the idiot here? Go deal with that. We are developers here and we have dealt with an insensitive dominant bitches that sit in a chair claiming things are other ppl's fault before. I hope your systems get penetrated/destroyed and the rest for being such a bad/evil person. And that recovery costs you all your money. I wish the best of the lucks for the developer and to get a good job than the crap you offered. This all reminds me about a job that the jerk just made promises while I used to reach the edge working around the clock and then sometimes didn't even got paid completely. The stupid ignorant that knew nothing about software development called me at times snail. I wasn't fired but had to quit. Later the jerk wanted to re-hire me again. Then I said sorry idiot you lost the thing. Go find a better developer if you can. To date he haven't :D.

Comment yeah I'll buy that (Score 1) 299

once they support all of my current viruses variants that will get modded to be included in that 15%. Does security really sales that much?!?! Apple has never stopped to try to make us a load of controlled idiots that believe that just because something is signed then it is more secure even when using technology from the 70's (objective ... c).

Comment I told you little pirates (Score 1) 77

You will have to pay our software or you will get all of your computers cracked to the bones. We made sure that a hole was there for that matters. After all if a customer's computer gets penetrated, that's ... collateral damage. Besides you all accepted no guarantees when you purchased and you are the only ones who are going to suffer the consequences of our actions. So who cares :). The MW3 Staff

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