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Comment Re:Glad to see Microsoft taking this position (Score 1) 678

We also have huge amounts of legal and social framework set up to accommodate 2-adult family units; enabling the gender bits to be flipped any which way doesn't actually change any of how things work. Opening up the system to accomodate polygamy would open huge cans of worms (an organized crime ring could all get married to each other, and be fully protected from someone turning states' evidence, for example).

I'm imagining the Sopranos mixed with Married with Children with a dash of Big tossed in there. I'm smelling the next HBO hit show!

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 2, Interesting) 149

While I agree that the submitter was being a bit romantic in his depiction of the reader, you shouldn't dismiss his ideas simply because of it. One of my favorite elements of reading static text without any added illustrations is you get to use your imagination to fill in the blanks! TV basically just hands you all of the artwork and scenery but when you read, all you get is the jist from the author and it's up to you to weave those descriptions together with your imagination into something.

Adding all of these interactive elements robs children of the process of creating these images themselves. when they hear about XYZ in the story they willl just imagine the depictions that popped out of the margins in page 2 instead of their own mental image based on the description.

To me, this has always been one of the greatest strengths of literature and I would hate to see the importance of this cast aside in favor of profits/"oh look shiney shiney" mentality.

Comment Re:They're build for this (Score 1) 284

Logic Police: you didn't use the phrase "begs the question" correctly. You meant to say "raises the question" or something along those lines. Begs the question implies a logical fallacy where the conclusion of an argument is presented as evidence for the very same conclusion.

To put this in /. terms using begs the question in that context, that's like saying that Windows 7 is the #1 FOSS and that Steve Jobs has changed up the agricultural industry with his new produce.

Comment nerdapalooza 2009 (Score 1) 1354 this is a good example of ways to meet fellow geeks. I recommend any event like this where people come together and share a common interest. there's also lan parties, anime conventions, linux installing parties and lots of other events and clubs where geeks come together.

Check your local craigslist and other sites for events and just got to a few! And remember, try and push urself to be more outgoing. I was a rather shy kid and I still have the tendency to clam up in public but if you consciously work on it you can change yourself.

Good luck! derp, i mean Live long and Prosper!

Comment Re:A waste of effort. (Score 2) 318

A lot of people depend on tv for news so in a disaster it could be crucial information, though I will point out that there's radio as well in such an incident. But more relevant to the everyday, the tv is a source of news in the home and considering that most people are more visually oriented, tv is a better medium than the radio for most information.

And yes, there do exist places where there is no broadband and with the recession, some newspapers have decided to cut off delivery service so that people can't even get a deadtree newspaper in my town anymore. /rant

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