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Comment Re:Hang on.. (Score 1) 496

Firstly, only morons assume everyone else is a moron. I "roll my own" with Gentoo, and use kernel sources from However my video cards source is a patch against a specific kernel version, and then only it seems suitable for Ubuntu, it does not patch cleanly against anything else. Under XP, it just works, and you only need virus checkers, anti-spyware, if you are a complete noob, pro-active defence is not letting the stuff on there in the first place, not scanning to see if you have it.

Comment Re:Hang on.. (Score 1) 496

Meh, if I wanted to run Linux on my HP Mininote 2133, I can choose between Unbuntu, and a specific kernel version, as that's the only linux distro and kernel version it works with. That is infinitely worse than the Window situation, where things just work... (99% of the time). In Linux that is more like 9.9% of the time. Take the blinkers off please.

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