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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Sig Nathanael 2

I have a very good friend, that I've known since I was 12 or so. He is a solid friend I could call on any time day or night and he'd do whatever he could to help me out. I'd do the same for him.

He's got a pretty big family, mostly boys. A theme I noticed was that a lot of them have sports equipment companies in their names. A couple examples are the oldest boys first name is Wilson, another has the middle name Hoyt.

They just had a new son born and his first name is Sig. If you shoot you know where that came from. In fact last time the two of us were together we were out at the range primarily to spend time with his new Sig516.

I can't stop smiling every time I think about it. If names impacted who we are (I don't think they do - but it's a fun thought exercise.) this kid would grow up to be a tough person that can perform with exceptional reliability in a wide range of adverse conditions. You could bury him in mud and he'd pop back up ready to go.

I'm gonna be smiling and chuckling all day, every time I think about this kid and his name.

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Sig Nathanael

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  • I've never fired a Sig516 (or any other Sig), but I imagine it's a hoot to run. I'm not sure I would be able to forgive my parents for naming me for a weapons manufacturer, particularly since a lot of companies' names are the surnames of their founders. It could be really good or really bad, I supposed. "This is my son, Walther" would work a lot better than "This is my daughter, Fabrique National. We call her Fabby or Ricki most of the time."

    • The 516 was nice, as it well should be.

      I think Sig is a pretty cool name and I think most people wont pick up on it. I also think that those who do will by and large approve. And I'd take it over Wilson, Hoyt, or Easton which are all names they've already used.

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