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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Lego Harry Potter 10

I got an email about preordering Lego Harry Potter the other day. Didn't even know they were working on it. I'm stoked now. I've really enjoyed the Lego games I've played thus far. That would be both Star Wars games and Indiana Jones. I think that means Batman is the only one I haven't played. I'd be interested by my kids aren't.

Being a big fan of the Harry Potter stories, I was pretty excited when I saw that this game will be coming out. The ars review has me hopeful in my anticipation. It sounds like they may have fixed one of the biggest issues with the other games, the need to not get too far apart when playing co-op.

Game play aside, I'm betting the cut scenes alone will be worth it, just like in the other games.

I will most likely let the kids use some of their recently acquired Christmas and birthday money to buy it for the wii.

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Lego Harry Potter

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  • Didn't they fix the 'too far apart' problem in Lego Indy 2?

    In any event, this drops in the middle of my kid's summer stay with me, so I think we'll be getting it release day.

    • I didn't know there was a second one. It may have been. So there is another one I haven't played.

      • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

        There are added bits from the first three movies as well as some new ways of looking at old scenes. They also put in 'Crystal Skull'.

  • My wife and I have been catching trailers for this one on several recent Summit Films movies. We both love Lego SWII, Lego Batman, and Lego Indy, though we don't own Lego SWI or Lego Indy 2. We're looking forward to it. Is it going to come out for PS2, or only PS3?

    We've been wanting an XBOX360. This might be our reason for finally buying one.

    • Looks like it will come out on Wii, DS, Xbox, PS3, PSP and PC.

      Does anyone still release new games for the PS2? I never had one. My son asked me if it was going to come out for game cube. That made me laugh.

      • by andphi ( 899406 )

        I think the answer is 'No'. The Last new game I heard about for PS2 was SW:Force Unleashed. And it is old. But, we couldn't afford the PS2, and didn't really want it anyway.

        If I am going to spend most of a grand on a durable good, it won't be a game system. It will be an appliance, a computer, or a firearm.

        • I can totally see where you are coming from on that, and would think that the PC version would be a good solution.

          I haven't bought a new gun since my first child was born. Fortunately I'd put together pretty much everything I needed before that wonderful event. Once they are all out of the house, conditions allowing, I'll expand my collection from what's needed to include some of what's desired.

          • by andphi ( 899406 )

            My wife and I really enjoy gaming on our PS2, but we've also enjoyed PC gaming before. I would have to look at the specs for the PC version to see if our rapidly-aging machines could even play the game. The other reason we're thinking about the XBox360 is so we can play Sacred 2. We liked Sacred, but Sacred2 is just too massive for our desktops. I had to upgrade my old machine just to play Neverwinter Nights and KoToR2. The "new" machine is really my Dad's old machine, and is scarcely more powerful than the

  • ...but I don't think I love them quite enough to put up with Harry Potter. 8^/

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