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Comment Effect On Your Job (Score 5, Interesting) 119

Social media has created a new scary norm where that "nationwide media frenzy" (mob mentality) is the prosecutor, jury, and judge and your employer's fear of reputational risk is the executioner.

It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong. Logic doesn't apply - only perception management.

The new, widely-embraced form of discrimination is having an opinion different than that of the mob. Our laws need to adjust to form adequate civil protections.


Submission + - Drilling begins at lake hidden beneath Antarctic (

stonetony writes: A team of 12 scientists and engineers has begun work at remote Lake Ellsworth.

They are using a high-pressure hose and sterilised water at near boiling point to blast a passage through more than two miles of ice.

The aim is to analyse ice waters isolated for up to 500,000 years.

The team of 12 scientists and engineers is using sterilised water at near boiling point to blast a passage through the ice to waters isolated for up to half a million years.

The process of opening a bore-hole is expected to last five days and will be followed by a rapid sampling operation before the ice refreezes.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - FCC Moving to Launch Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (

dstates writes: The FCC is considering one of the biggest regulatory changes in decades: allowing a newly available chunk of wireless spectrum to be leased by different users at different times and places, rather than being auctioned off to one high bidder. The plan is to open a new WiFi with spectrum in the 3.550 to 3.650 gigahertz band now used by radar systems. Under the proposed rule to be voted on Wednesday, users could reserve pieces of that spectrum in different regions and at different time managed by a central database. Spectrum sharing is a dramatic change with a potential to make bandwidth accessible to many users. The plan has met with mixed reviews from the cellular carriers.

Comment I JUST Came Back From MY first London Trip (Score 1) 1095

I was traveling from the US. Here are a few things I learned that I don't see already mentioned above:

-Wireless is everywhere and advertised as "free," but typically requires that you have a cell account with either "Orange" or "O2," the two major cell players there. After struggling to find truly free wifi I went ahead and paid for a one month subscription with Boingo. I was actually using my iphone (sim password protected to prevent cell usage) so the cost was $7.99, but for a laptop the charge is $9.99 for one month. Even if you won't be there for a month this is a relatively small amount to pay for wireless access all over London. There is no contract and I canceled the account as soon as I got home.

-If you want to call back to the US I suggest Skype. For under $3 you can make unlimited phone calls back to the US for a month. Again, you can cancel this subscription once you return home.

-Get Tube and Bus Maps! Despite popular opinion the tube system is clean and safe and the double-decker buses are fun to tour around in. You can go to a bus or tube ticket counter and get day passes for $20US (You pay in British Pounds, but I'm converting) that let you use the mass transit system in the downtown London area all day. Check with the ticket agent to find out if there are cheaper or extended offers for multi-day passes.

- Be wary of paying for a "London Bus Tour" I took one of these for 20BP and didn't realize the buses stop running at 4:30 PM. I ended up getting stranded outside of Buckingham Palace and had to pay tube fare back to where I started. These tours aren't a bad idea if you don't know where everything is or don't want to have to worry about navigating the public transit system to see all of the sights.

As for things to do, well, I think I either did or saw everything worth seeing. If you are a history buff you can spend literally months reading all of the historical markers throughout the city. For reference my list of must-see locations can be found here (via a facebook photo album) where I took pictures of my daughter's toy giraffe everywhere I went:

Comment Limit the number of recipients in one email (Score 1) 384

In this day and age there is no excuse for this. I work for a company that has over 300,000 Exchange 2003 mailboxes. We ran into this problem back in the Exchnge 5.5 days, but squashed it post E2K by setting a relatively low threshold for the maximum number of recipients allowed in a single email (I think we have it at 50). For legitimate mass mailings we use an internal isolated app that routes its email to the Exchange org via SMTP. Only a very few people have access to use it and all recipients are BCC'd.

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