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Comment How dumb. (Score 3, Interesting) 78

I work for an ISP that provides in air wifi wholesale to the likes of the goofy companies that sell it in air. We have traffic shapers. If you want to control connections of people in air, you must have traffic shapers. Traffic shapers in and of themselves massively report (by default) on the activity and log tonnes of data about each person connected. This is done for many reasons. Mostly to study and trend behaviour on one's network. CALEA requires a small subset of the reporting AND taps be in place. We also have taps to aid troubleshooting the network. If CALEA has done anything, it's required us to get more taps and put them in more places. We wanted them there to begin with; it's just easier to approve the hundreds of millions in taps if it's 'for CALEA' and thus a requirement.

Comment sticky (Score 0) 440

I'm imagining a bull dozer with peanut butter all over it's tracks. Peanut butter everywhere. Gumming up the dozer works. That would be nice to see. I'm sure there's a legal reason for it. Like Costco can't completely remove liability if someone gets sick from it. No matter what one law says, there's always another just around the corner to bite you in the ass when you give something away.

Comment Re:Understandable, but... (Score 2) 378

They do warn, but the wholesellers decide whether to pass on the communication or not. UPS store and the Customer Service Centers will tell you. The risk of not keeping TnT (Time In Transit) is always there. There are frequent surges, depending on where you are... conventions, rodeos, tech shows, college students ordering books at large unis in small towns, bad weather, fires (like the ones we have every summer in many states in the west), and general accidents such as train derailments and hub fires. There's something going on every month to delay your package somewhere. It's just easier to hide if it just a few hubs. The unions jack up a lot too. They determine how much you get paid (yes, they do). There is a negotiated pool of regular salary, then the union decides who gets what portion. The unloaders, sorters, and loaders in the hubs are crapped on majorly. Drivers get a much better wage, but still not amazing. The haulers (big rigs, trailer runners (to and from the rail yard)) get the lion's share. Teamsters considers these lower class employees. The big truckers are well respected. If the pay was better, they'd get more people to show up and we wouldn't have this problem. I worked at UPS for many years. They hire 100% of people who apply and can show up every day. The training lasts weeks too. It's really not easy to take an ordinary person and get them into shape, learn to use the equipment well enough, and get them to learn the sort (sorting is nearly always by memory, zip -> binX). Holliday temps are a joke. They don't know how to use the equipment and they don't know ANY of the sorts. So they become okay temporary muscle, usually not lasting the entire peak season (Thanksgiving to Christmas). During peak, always add a day or two to your TnT and be suprised when it arrives early. And by the way, package priority is: Early AM > Next Day Air > 2nd day > air freight > 3rd / ground.

Comment It will never work. (Score 2) 227

I am a traffic shaping expert for an ISP. The vendors all lie. They all claim they can classify anything with magical accuracy. In reality, they classify maybe 80-90% of traffic correctly and it's always a moving target. Anything special that needs to be classified has to be home brewed in house for the traffic shapers to classify the traffic correctly. It will never work. Maybe the UK can pass a law that all computers must be monitored by cameras, then they can 'create jobs' by paying people to watch people use the internet. The funding can come from more taxes, maybe a 1 pound per megahertz per year tax on all electronic devices, which is also never a problem because most people roll over and give away their money, since they don't need so much anyway.

Comment Re:How many? (Score 2) 79

Earth to Sat is about 100ms. Round trip (plane to sat to earth dish to server to dish to sat to plane) with internet and server latency adds up to about 500-600ms. Communications are half that (time for your data to get to your friend), which is not bad since 200ms is when humans start to notice delay. No gaming, but websites and streaming will be fine.

Comment haven't noticed any commercials at all (Score 1) 288

Ever since they started pulling this crap, i just Netflix or torrent (if no reasonable channels exist) everything i watch. I refuse to be annoyed in such a way. Fix your model or never get any business from me. Commercials on Pandora, Hulu, and YouTube don't pull this crap and as such, i don't mind them.

Comment My 5 year old says "Pft. Lamers." (Score 5, Funny) 144

He says it's all C or nothing. C++ if you're weak but want to look cool. I can't believe how hard core he is. I had no idea 5 year olds could form such hard ideals about programming. He says at school, all the kids who use Java are picked on. Some of the teachers tried to front Ruby, but they just got all up in her grill.

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