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Comment Re:Renewable energy in China (Score 1) 278

China's been holding off on nuclear capacity because they're working on molten salt systems - which are intrinsically safer than water-moderated designs.

As a coal station is simply a steam engine and a source of heat, a MSR could be used as the heat source on the uncompleted ones.

Ironically, in the past, several USA nuclear station turbines were converted to coal-fired heat.

Comment Re:Gearbox in electric car (Score 1) 124

A single speed gearbox is much stronger than a multiple speed one, as all components and force vectors can be optimised.

Making an equally strong multispeed gearbox must be larger (to accomodate the extra gears) and larger to accomodate heavier components.

There's only so much space available in the design and automakers have been producing "weak" boxes for a long time on the basis that it increases their servicing business and 99% of drivers never go near the torque peak on a regular or sustained basis.

Yes, you could use a stronger multispeed gearbox, but the odds are it won't fit in the available space. Automotive systems are always full of tradeoffs.

Comment Re:For The Betterment Of Humanity (Score 1) 304

" imagine the Mona Lisa getting a new hairstyle or clothes every 20 years because fashion had changed."

Actually i can. Leonardo kept the painting most of his life and was constantly tinkering with it.

Not a good item to use as an analogy.

George's "sin" was to destroy the originals, but even Monet destroyed many of his works after changing his view of the world (in M's case he had cataract surgery and the world was much bluer afterwards)

Comment GPL violation by HRD? (Score 1) 177

Posted (by an anonymous coward) somewhere else:


I downloaded the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe just now and installed it.

There is a "Source" folder contained in the subdirectory of HAM RADIO DELUXE, that contains a file DM780SourceCode.zip

The date on this file is as follows: 25/09/11 09:49

Inside this zip file is a readme file that says:

The main encoder / decoder DLL is HRDMultiMode001, compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
The Olivia encoder / decoder DLL HRDOlivia001 is compiled with Visual Studio 2008 beta C++,
this code cannot be compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
The interface to HRD is HRDInterface001, compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
The interface to HRD's logbook is HRDLog001, compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
The VideoID code taken from fldigi, compiled with Visual Studio 6.0 C++.
The encoder / decoder source is taken from fldigi written by Dave, W1HKJ. It is not
copyright HB9DRV. The interface code is copyright HB9DRV.
[This is a work in progress]
Any questions - simon@hb9drv.ch

Now surely if the date and readme are to be believed, that would be an unattributed use of GNU Licenced software from the FLDIGI codebase, and it may explain why adding new encoders/decoders seems to be such an issue.

Interestingly, on the old licence agreement (Simon's) when you install it says:

"Other Programs (PSK31 Deluxe, Digital Master 780, Mapper) - You may use this Program at no cost without restriction."

On the latest HAM RADIO DELUXE, it says:

"Other Programs (PSK31 Deluxe, Digital Master 780, Mapper)"

So what's the story?

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 177

99% of software is developed to the point of "it gets the job done" and that's all.

Quite simply because getting the job done is the most important part of the job's function.

If only the writer or a small number of people are ever going to use it, then there is no need to develop it further and change for change's sake is a waste of time.

Comment Re:Good reason to avoid proprietary ham software (Score 1) 177

It's not illegal until someone takes it to court and gets a ruling.

The factor that people are stepping forward with similar stories shows the lie of HRD's "It was an accident" statement and makes the possibility of such an event appear less distant.

But as we've seen - it's perfectly possible to lie through your teeth, get caught doing it, continue doing so and STILL get away with it.

The single biggest problem with this kind of legislation is that the less ethical companies will simply take any fixed fines imposed as a cost of doing business. This is why a bunch of laws in the EU are moving to fining companies 10-15% of annual TURNOVER. That kind of penalty induces removal of C-level staff who authorised the activity.

Comment Re:Perfect for Satellites... and Nukes (Score 1) 107

If SLS wasn't a rube-goldberg contraption, a leaky O-ring wouldn't have mattered other than causing a slight asymetry in the thrust.

if SLS wasn't a rube-goldberg contraption, a bit of shedding tank insulation wouldn't have gone anywhere near the flight surfaces of the actual spacecraft.

If you were to launch a solo SRB with a capsule on the end at 18F, noone would even need to worry about leaky o-rings, other than the risk you'd need more fuel burn in your final stage to achieve the desired orbit height.

Even with the originally designed liquid boosters, SLS would have been a rube-goldberg contraption.

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