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Submission + - Molecular scientists unexpectedly produce new type of glass (

stkpogo writes: "When Prof. Juan de Pablo and his collaborators set about to explain unusual peaks in what should have been featureless optical data, they thought there was a problem in their calculations. In fact, what they were seeing was real. The peaks were an indication of molecular order in a material thought to be entirely amorphous and random: Their experiments had produced a new kind of glass."

Submission + - Crazy-Efficient Rotary Engine Lands Million-Dollar DARPA Contract (

stkpogo writes: "LiquidPiston, Inc., of Bloomfield, CT, recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, to use the hyper-efficient rotary engine technology for military purposes. The advanced combustion tech could be used in weaponized UAVs, robotic soldiers, and generators that produce 3kW of electric power—but fit in a backpack."

Submission + - Giant crater appears at Siberia's 'world's end' (

stkpogo writes: "The giant hole appeared close to a forest some 30 kilometres from Yamal's biggest gas field Bovanenkovo. Experts are confident that a scientific explanation will be found for it and that it is not — as one web claim suggested — evidence 'of the arrival of a UFO craft' to the planet.

A report and footage highlighted by Zvezda TV says the dark colour of the crater indicates 'some temperature processes', without explaining more what they may mean. Others say that the darkening around the inner rim indicates its formation was accompanied by severe burning scorching the edges.

Some observers believe water or dry soil is seen falling into the cavity."

Submission + - MIT Researchers Creates 3D Printed Self Assembling Robots ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at MIT have found a way of creating 3D printed robots, which assemble themselves once placed in an oven. The printer prints the robot in a flat form, with slits within the material. When heated the slits forces the material to deform, assembling the shape of the robot. More details:

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: VHS Player to buy? 1

stkpogo writes: I have several old VHS tapes that I'd like to digitize but my old VHS machine died years ago.
What's a good VHS player to get so I can make nice clean digital videos from my old tapes before they're gone? /. I have a few TV > USB adapters ./

Submission + - SF Startup Doctor On Demand Offers Free Telemedicine Feb 14-28 (

jacinda writes: We are currently in the height of flu season (which has been particularly nasty this year) and it may be difficult to get to the doctor when you’re not feeling well (especially for our snowed in friends!). To help ease the pain, Doctor On Demand is waiving the usual $40 fee to chat with a doctor for the rest of the month. Anyone who calls, whether you signed up a month ago or you sign up tomorrow, can use the service for free for the next two weeks. You still need to add a valid credit card for verification purposes when you setup your account. On March 1, calls will go back to $40. There are no setup or subscription fees now or after February is over.

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