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Comment Hope it's better this time around (Score 1) 440

The McDonald's in Durham, NC had this years ago. It didn't work so well. Too many choices, too many screens, and let's be honest, despite being around a hi-tech research area, most of the clientele were blue collar types who just wanted cheap food fast. A lot of people tried them, but after a couple months they just weren't being used and they got packed up. If there is some incentive to use them, people will. Like discount, or the regular line is long. Forcing people to use it will just piss people off. Good luck to them. But there is a reason they don't sell Rolex at Wal-Mart and Dollar General. Know your customer!

Comment Waste of time (Score 2) 239

I don't really care about either team, but after everything I've read and seen, I think the ref checking the ball just squeezed them or checked a few and let the balls be approved. There is no list of pressures, and a former ball boy said they would not check every ball. This explains everything. If the ref did his job, checked every ball, logged it, and inflated them to specification, there would be no mystery. Either the ref is above scrutiny, or the league is just trying to cover up that their own procedures weren't followed. This is the biggest non-story I've ever heard about, and takes away from the teams, especially about the Seahawks back to back trips.

Comment Re:cram lots of people in a confined space (Score 1) 819

I am 6'3. I don't fly enough to justify ordering it, but if I did fly more, I would certainly buy the knee defender. I end up having to prop both my knees up into the chair and provide constant pressure to stop people from dropping their seat into my legs. If I know someone is behind me, I never recline my seat. I don't blame the passengers, I blame the airlines for making it so tight. I used to be able to get into the emergency exit row without a fuss. Now they want me to pay extra for the extra leg room?

Comment Re:Pry XP from cold, stiff fingers (Score 1) 727

Celearly you don't run the budget either. We have thousands of desktops running XP. Replacements are running Win7, but old ones will probably run XP till they die. Old meaning computers bought last year still run XP. Sure 7 is nice and all but for what we're developing in, it works fine. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's broke!


Submission + - How India Became an Outsourcing Magnet (Book) (nytimes.com)

oyenamit writes: An inoffensive history of the Indian software industry, written by a good-natured man who frequently uses the word “proactive” in its telling, was released this week.

“The Coalition of Competitors” is largely about how India's National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) used its public relations skills to create the myth of Indian software genius and influenced government policy and journalism to favor the Indian software industry. It is written by Kiran Karnik, a former president of Nasscom.

Comment The more things change... (Score 2) 258

All these bitcoin articles remind me of the Second Life articles they used to run here. If you had read /. back then, you'd think we all had avatars and all made millions selling virtual real estate, setting up a virtual B&M company presence, and converting our Linden dollars to real dollars(sound familiar?). My guess is all those folks are now making bitcoins...

Comment Re:Installed base (Score 1) 425

I'd say there numbers were a stretch at best. Market Share means what exactly? From what I can tell they are basing their figures on licenses sold. Well at my workplace 10K+ desktops/laptops we're still on good old XP, and not moving anytime soon. I also was at the Doctor's office today, and they're still on XP. I work in R&D, but when I worked in IT at a different shop, we had to buy the newer version of windows licenses(Win2k I believe), but we still installed NT4 for a long time. So I'd say plenty of folks are still using and installing XP. Eventually some new HW will come out and won't be supported and they'll move crawling and screaming.

Comment Record Conversations? (Score 1) 90

Sadly I've been stuck in telecom the last 10 years. I have to admit I scanned the article, but I missed the part where they connect their 'tower' to the phone company's network. So for argument's sake, let's pretend the mobile registers with the simulated BTS. What magic will connect them to another phone to record a conversation? I suppose they could fake the traffic to get the call connected, oh wait that would require another simulation of an SGSN and multiple protocol message, that I'm having real doubts about, but lets say they have done it somehow. We have an AT&T microcell here because of shotty coverage and that's a piece of junk.
What are you going to talk to? a prerecorded message that you've never heard before? then again some granny may tell them her shopping list...

Comment Re:Offshoring. (Score 2) 527

I tend to agree. It's all about economics. Last year I went to Romania and India for work. From what I can see, the only difference between them and the USA coders are costs. They have good, bad, and lazy coders just like we do. I saw an Indian girl playing bejeweled all afternoon, and a Bucharest girl instant messaging constantly(no it wasn't part of the job). So I tell my kids don't be try computers, it's too difficult to try and compete against a business case of money. Offshoring is alive and well, it has slowed due to economics, but the sheer number of big corporation buildings going up in India is incredible.

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