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Comment Re:The issue is simple (Score 1) 343

It can if the cable guy doesn't disconnect the TV antenna connection when he connects the cable/satellite. I've lived in three places (MS, GA and GA) where I could pick up cable via rabbit ears. In the case of the interference in MS, we contacted the local cable company and gave them our address and a bearing of the signal (my dad knew the president of the company) and requested that they investigate. They did find that some old lady had an antenna in her attic and it had been left connected when she had cable installed. Once the cable company disconnected her antenna, the signal disappeared... This was a good thing because it was interfering with my reception of a FL station (2am sunday... Black Belt Theatre)

Comment Re:There are other abuses... (Score 1) 102

You should be able to change the DNS settings for the domain to have it point where you want.
A client of mine does that with NetSol. As long as they own the IP addresses they enter, everything works. I put in a wildcard DNS entry pointing to a 404 'are you lost' page for them to keep bad dns queries from landing on NetSol's ad page.

Comment Re:Who cares about HAM radio (Score 1) 343

Yes and No. Some of the 'home network over power line' systems do have the ability to encrypt data between trancievers. of course it isnt enabled by default.

This Belkin product page shows the encryption ability.


(i dont buy their stuff, it was just the first one i found that DID support encryption)

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 352

Here! Here! Here! I love it. You could use this as a business idea. You build a web server with ?tasteful?, low-bandwidth ad and a banner across the top that says 'You have reached a non-existent address at example.com' Click here to connect to www.example.com. Offer this as a service to example.com and 1) you get paid for ad presentation (and clicks). Example.com gets a free (with the service) 1/4 page ad, and a link for their typing-challenged customers to get where they presumably wanted to go. I'll take a measly 1.5% of the Net.

Comment Re:And yet I don't see it (Score 1) 310

No, not exactly. If i own domain thisismydomain.net and i have two hosts, www and ftp, and that's ALL that i have defined, anyone who enters wwww.thisismydomain.net or sftp.thisismydomain.net will get redirected, even though the domain (thisismydomain.net) does exist. The solution is a wildcard dns record so i end up with
* www.thisismydomain.net

All names other than www and ftp will resolve to my www server, but without it, they get hijacked and an internet user might just think that my site had gone offline.

Comment losing contracts (Score 5, Interesting) 325

Does this have anything to do with losing the ability to get government contracts because of FOSS requirements? Remember the stink ?last year? when M$ got their proprietary document format declared a standard so they could bid on contracts that required open document standards? They must have another contract coming up for renewal.

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