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Submission + - KPN Admits To Using Deep Packet Inspection (

stiller writes: In order to make up for the loss of income on its mobile network due to services such as whatsapp and skype, KPN — the largest fixed-line and mobile operator in the Netherlands — has taken severe measures: deep packet inspection of all mobile traffic in order to bill various services at different rates.

Comment Re:Mac is vulnerable too (Score 0) 262

So basically you are blaming Apple for a default setting which resulted in a completely harmless situation which prompted you - without referencing anyone on the matter - to reinstall OS X?

In other news: I just noticed a blinking light on my dashboard, so instead of calling my car dealership, I just assumed the worst and torched the car.

Comment no under criminal law, yes under civil law (Score 1) 234

It might be good to note, that these actions can still be prosecuted under civil law. That is, the intruder can still be held accountable for costs incurred by his use of the network. Having said that, I personally still think this should be a criminal offense, as it is a clear breach of privacy. What I do on my local network should be my business alone. Right now, the defense is required to prove eavesdropping on the network itself, which is very hard to do.

Comment Re:Do you want computer science, or engineering? (Score 2) 583

Really? I don't know where you are looking, but I don't see the situation you describe at all, not now or ever before. By far the most jobs in software development (you describe a lot of other, perhaps related fields) are about implementing business logic. And I don't mean business logic on the 'quant' level, but rather on the mundane, daily process level. These do not require any substantial knowledge of maths, except to reach a very high level of expertise. Before you say these jobs don't pay as good, take a look at average SAP consultant/engineer salaries.

Comment Re:What phones get vendor updates after three year (Score 1) 257

Once your car is out-of-warranty, is the manufacturer obliged to keep parts in stock to restore it to showroom condition?

Depending on where you live - yes, this could very well be the case. Many European countries seem to have regulations on the availability of spare parts for cars.
In fact, given the price and reasonable expected lifespan of an iPhone, Apple could very well face legal repercussions in most EU countries for not keeping the product in safe working condition. The same could happen to Sony for disabling the "other OS" option in their playstation. It's all about reasonable expectations.

Comment Re: Not enough (Score 1) 432

The best thing is that according to Apple's rules, the price has to be same for other devices too, so even if you don't use the iDevices, expect your prices to go up because of Apple's policies.

Do you really expect these companies to increase their pricing across all devices and channels to all their customers in order to be available on 15 million iPads?
I fully expect there to be an alternative rate for large content providers such as Netflix and Kindle in the near future, since it would benefit both parties.

The readability case actually seems pretty reasonable, since they actually appear to be a publishing app and even charge you for republishing other people's (free) content.

Comment Flamebait (Score 1) 531

This whole post is a great big steaming pile of flamebait. The author selectively chooses the two most negative comments and fails to report that the machine actually received a 7 out of 10 score from iFixit - a site dedicated to the complete disassembly of devices. Few other electronics products are subjected to this amount of scrutiny. One of the major drawbacks according to the site is that it's hard to replace the LCD. I'm sure it is, but how relevant is this to normal users?
iFixit is a great, in-depth source of pretty objective information for hardware enthusiasts. Computerworld manages to create a sensationalist article from that. How bad can tech journalism become?

Comment Re:Apple's next CEO: Timothy Cook (Score 1) 520

Since Apple's product design and development units seem to be their biggest assets, why the hell would they want to outsource those? Outsourcing manufacturing makes sense in a lot of cases, outsourcing product innovation is just a really bad idea. Basically, in your scenario, the company would have no added value at all, becoming little more than a patent troll.

Comment the rating system is broken (Score 3, Insightful) 771

It's not even that one particular movie can ruin the chances of other, completely unrelated movies. It's simply that the whole premise of 'rating' a movie based on specific content without any context is a stupid idea. So there is some nudity in Watchmen. So what? Do you think a pair of breasts is going break the fragile little mind of a 10 year old? Yes, I'm sure some people think that, but why should the nation as a whole suffer from it? Let them start their own, even more conservative rating system, one which the general public can ignore.

To compare things, I just looked up the rating for Watchmen in the Netherlands. It's 16, which is the highest rating we've got. (it's all, 6, 9, 12, 16) This isn't that unusual. For example, it was the same rating given to the Dark Knight. It's probably due more to violence than nudity.

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