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Comment Re:Lobbying vs Bribery (Score 1) 596

I think that we should outlaw anything but anonymous contributions. Support who you want completely based upon who you believe represents "the way it should be", maybe they'll get elected, but if you tell them you paid money to them, you go to prison/get fined huge/have your business shut down/whatever. If the politician is implicated in the knowledge without reporting it, then they get the above repercussions as well. Per plate dinners and trips to Bermuda can go the way of the dodo.

I am quite sure that anonymous donation proxies could be set up easily. I just don't think that politicians would ever vote this into place.

Remove the money from the equation, at least from the public political contributions, and maybe legislation will compete a little more on merit. Making your opinions, wants, and desires known is very relevant, making your personal financial contribution(s) known is not.

Comment Re:The end of "Made for Ipod" ?!? (Score 1) 118

1. This is also designed for anyone who wants to make money. People/companies who have never touched Arduino in their life may become interested and start developing interesting things. A giant market share can attract a lot of attention.

2. Steve Jobs is currently busy hoping someone will develop an Android/Arduino based liver/pancreas/spleen/who knows what other internal organ replacement and not giving nearly as much time to his dictatorship.

Comment Re:No. (Score 2) 511

I will answer that. I use Ubuntu as a repository that is fairly current and debugged and nothing else. I used Debian for years, but Testing is always way out of date and I got real tired of debugging someones broken Perl script to get my system working again in Unstable. Ubuntu is a fairly current but debugged Unstable. I use Fluxbox as my Desktop (I even still login at a terminal and type startx when I want X), WICD for managing my wifi, and whatever else I want. Ubuntu is what you want it to be. I have all of the Debian package management tools and none of the Unstable branch headaches.

BTW I still very much love Debian, use it regularly for when I want a highly stable server that doesn't need to be uber current, and am eternally grateful for the awesome things they do!!! Without Debian there is no Ubuntu. They are a cause worth supporting with your donations if you have some extra coin. http://www.debian.org/donations.

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

I'm certainly not claiming this is about the user experience. I'm simply saying that the more we tunnel the more we need to proxy and throttle (at least for a corporate network). Everyone keeps using 80 and 443 because they know that those are open. It is a vicious cycle. Maybe we just need 2 ports for TCP one for clear text and one for encrypted (some sarcasm intended here). Firewalls that don't have a good proxy are no firewall at all. QOS??? PROXY???

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

Wrong again, the point is that it is not thanks to Apple and somehow your church thinks it is, and I am so sick of religious cults in every form. I own two Macs (one with System 6 because it is fun), an iPod touch. and an iPad (both for dev and testing purposes), as well as a boatload of other brands and types of systems and devices. I get around them better than most. I am not tied to any one system religiously or in any other way.

You however feel that you need to give credit at all times to your god irrelevant of the actual truth. Praise the Lord Jobs and Hallelujah. It is just like other religious cults. Say a bad accident happens and the emergency room doctors work through the night to save a life. They refuse to give credit to anyone but their god when the doctors in the hospital are the ones who did the work. Where was that god one hundred years ago when the same person would have died and where will Steve Jobs be soon for that matter?

Feel free to get the last word from here as I am done checking this post. I am however impressed that all of your posts on this old thread keep getting modded up???

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

Proxies, the past and the future. The rest of the firewall will be be nothing much in the end. If I want to verify who and what is at my door I must analyze everything that knocks and everything that lurks in the street. MITM at the firewall must be the norm soon if you want to deal with the real world for your corporate network. If you are average Bob user trying to deal with your ISP and government you must figure out how to deal with this as well. In the end it's all just data I guess.

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

You are a Stupid Fu#?ing cult member and I shouldn't argue with a religious fanatic about his religion... But, my point is not that Apple didn't build upon it, it is that it wouldn't be open at all if Apple hadn't taken it from an open source project. Apple makes almost nothing from scratch that they give back. Read that list again and tell me which important projects they actually really started. It's not many. They took what they needed and gave back because usually they had no choice You give credit to your great Saviour but none to anyone else. If you honestly think that without Apples work no one would have a browser on their mobile phones I am willing to say you are damned liar. Apple would have given back nothing if they had started this thing from scratch. Apple used that code because it was short, fast, and very efficient and they didn't think they could duplicate it on their own in the time frame that they had. They needed it as their foundation which brings us back to the GPL and why they had to give back what they added. I would also point out that if you think Apple is the only contributor you are VERY WRONG. In fact if you go and look you find that google (and chromium) and many other people and companies have some of the largest contributions and that this is anything but an Apple only project even now.

It is not thanks to Apple, it is thanks to so much more.

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

Don't care, either that is his sig and (s)he feels that it needs to be attached to everything (s)he types or it was typed as an addition to the comment. I think I should respond to a lie in both cases. Maybe you are not capable of reading that far into a comment or maybe you are just sticking up for a friend. Either way my response is valid and it is you who are the fool.

BTW in case you still missed it from the post here is the quote from what (s)he said.
"Webkit. You can thank Apple for being open when using the browser on your phone."

Comment Re:More difficult to optimize? (Score 1) 97

What a dipshit.
Webkit is open because of the GPL and the fact that KDE wrote the codebase that Apple wanted and didn't have the time or energy to write in a propietary fashion. Yes Apple has done a lot with this codebase and I won't take that from them, but if you believe that this codebase would be open if it weren't for it's GPL roots then I believe that you and Steve Jobs are having a beautiful baby together. iBaby 1.0.


Comment Re:Evercookie is clever (Score 1) 186

JavaScript is directly executed. If I am a Lieutenant and I give and order to a Private and it is directly executed is it more of an execution than if I am a General and I give it to a Colonel, and they give that order is given to a Captain, and then it is given to a Lieutenant, and then it is given to a Private and it is directly executed as stated. No, computers are layers. If you think anything else you are an (FLAMING) Idiot.

Comment Re:Buying ARM for a leg? (Score 1) 695

You are a murdering rapist and a member of the cult of MAC who likes to point out splinters and fail to see you have pole shoved straight up your ass.

Because one specific company has been busted for anti-competitive and monopolistic business practices you conclude that Apple must be innocent of being evil at all.

The fact that you have been modded up for suggesting the murder of a father and rape of his daughter because he has an opinion that differs from that which Steve Jobs has given you is a testament to the power of your Cult.

I hope you die soon by your own hands. The entire world will be a better place.


Submission + - Your school principal wants to see you naked (cnet.com)

stilldead writes: In other news one of the inbred offspring of the NSA and Chester the molester who by some amazing act made it into school administration has decided it was a good idea to use the web cam tracking features in a kids school issued laptop to photograph said student committing some unruly act at home and then (this is where I figured out he was inbred) he reported what he had seen to kids the family. Turns out the family and their lawyer weren't that impressed with the evidence and have filed suit. Who could have seen that coming.

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