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Comment Re:Rename the app.... (Score 1) 917

so its not about free speech, the same way what jenny mccarthy does with vaccination is not free speech: its dangerous. in jenny mccarthy's case, it results in kids getting sick and dying because she convinced them not to get vaccinated. in this apple app's instance, it convinces closeted homosexuals who are depressed and distraught as it is, and keeps them buried in the closet, prolonging the period in which something psychologically awful might happen

I was about to write that Jenny McCarthy's rantings, while misguided, wrong and (yes) dangerous, still fall under free speech. Those that follow her lead are nominating their children for the Darwin award.

Upon reviewing the limits to the Freedom of Speech, I've found that her rhetoric can fall outside of free speech as outlined by Mill's harm principle. If it can be proven that her rhetoric is a danger to public safety, maybe she'll shut up.


Gamer Banned From Dragon Age II Over Forum Post 469

RogueyWon writes "Kotaku is reporting that a Dragon Age II gamer banned from BioWare's forums for an allegedly inflammatory post has been locked out of the (singleplayer only) game for the duration of the ban. This is a consequence of EA's backend systems, which link forum accounts to the accounts that players use to access their games. This would appear to be a worrying new development; while trolling forums has led to bans from massively multiplayer games in the past (arguably with some justification), the extension of the principle to singleplayer games, where an abusive player cannot affect the enjoyment of others, must surely be a step too far."

Comment Re:The real risk is not technology... (Score 1) 779

I would amend that human beings simply don't want to think and make up their own minds about something. As an example, when I ask my wife what she wants for dinner, she will immediately turn the question back to me. Being immature (and not wanting to decide on what to eat), I give her the same treatment.

I have a theory that if a person had the option to let someone else make up their minds for them on every aspect of their lives (with the promise that their best interest and well being were in mind), they would give up their freedom.

Comment Re:Most secure (Score 1) 414

I haven't counted the number of passwords I've dedicated to memory in a while. I'm better off typing the username and letting muscle memory kick in for the password. This method works pretty well unless I'm trying to consciously think of the password.

Comment I grew up with the space program, but... (Score 1) 206

Frankly, it's gotten dumb and narrow. There's nothing on the moon that *matters.*
How about making long-term livable space environments (i.e. containing viable organic ecologies) and not some dimwitted ground-dependent space station? How about making economically viable solar power in near earth orbit and selling it at a profit? How about setting up a few thousand square miles of adjustable mirrors to reversibly control global temperature?
Uses for space like these *matter*. F*** the moon. F*** all that grandstanding political BS.

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