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Submission + - GoDaddy secretly squats on expired domains (

turnkeylinux writes: "Here's another reason not to trust GoDaddy with your domain names. Andrew Allemann over at Domain Name Wire has been researching the hoops GoDaddy jumps through to keep its shady tactics out of public view: `The Go Daddy Group, which runs the world's largest domain name registrar, is warehousing its customers' expired domain names and profiting from them. The company has taken a number of steps to hide this practice from public view. This article covers the results of a Domain Name Wire investigation into GoDaddy's domain warehousing activities.'"

Comment Re:There are reasonable alternatives (Score 1) 290

Someone above mentioned having the alternative of a Linux build on the PC with Windows running in a virtual machine. In my place at least, that wouldn't wash as the firm has a custom desktop build that I expect would have a few problems running in vmware.
Is your custom desktop build tied to specific hardware or something? What makes you think it would not run in a VM?

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