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Comment Re:Leaking (Score 1) 724

What if your share ratio is below 1.0? Then you haven't provided a useful copy of the software to anyone.

And in any event, if they put it up on bittorrent, they shouldn't be complaining when people use bittorrent to download it.

IANAL and I agree with you, I was just providing what I believe to be the justification for using these private dick firms.

Comment Re:Fear & Ignorance (Score 1) 1530

That's just it - they haven't done anything to reverse the disaster.

The voters collectively know that, despite any propaganda you get out of the media. If the economy was actually improving the voters would not have voted as they did.

Now the Republicans will not do anything different - they are just as beholden to the white collar gangsters in New York as the Democrats were.

I appreciate that you seem to be a well informed conservative, however any number of polls have shown that likely voters have no idea of what any of the facts are regarding the state of the economy and the performance of the Obama administration. This applies to both Dems and Repubs.

For example

This election was about pure emotion and nothing else.

Comment Re:not really single-player (Score 1) 385

I don't have any mod points so I will just recommend that parent should not be modded insightful and should instead be modded flamebait.

  His opinion is without merit (as many others have pointed out, SCII has cheat codes, just like "the mythic age of the mid-2000's").

It does not contribute anything to the conversation when the first visible post is entirely factual inaccurate.

Comment Re:Uh (Score 2, Funny) 725

Knowingly receiving stolen property makes you accessory after the fact.

I don't care what you think about Nixon or Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on this one, both are douche bags. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein is doubly so for whining about what is happening to it when it should have expected it all.

Quit your bitchin' and find another source, I'm sure someone (The Soviet Union perhaps) would be willing to broker the payments for The Washington Post, or even finance the whole thing.

Comment Re:It's not "the" guide (Score 1) 453

Spotlight is broken for all practical purposes, even though I rebuild indexes every couple of weeks.

I have been using macs for long enough to certainly remember when spotlight came out and I can safely say I have never had this issue. I have a feeling there are a lot of people who would agree

Steve will soon release an iMac that runs iOS as well as OS X, and you can see where it's going from here. In order to improve the user experience, Steve is going to prevent his users from running unsigned processes. He'll lose all of the nerds who switched to OS X, but that's such a small number of people, he's not going to care when the reward is 30% of all software sales.

Do you have any links you can provide that would indicate that is the case?

I don't think there is any evidence that macs will stop using osx and began using a desktop friendly form of ios. Maybe they will borrow UI elements but full on signed binaries only? I fail to grasp how that would even work in a modern desktop operating system, let alone why they think it would be reasonably popular/profitable. I could see some sort of "app store" for the desktop as well, but I would be shocked if they every stopped using a full featured and relatively open Operating System.

I am not apple apologist and agree that there are significant criticisms that could be made regarding apple, I just don't think that is one of them and am frankly baffled why it is modded +5 insightful.


Submission + - Linux Package Managers Vs Compiling From Source 1

stewymcstewstew writes: Recently a friend and I were having a discussion regarding which is the better alternative for linux server administrators, to use the provided package managers or to compile from source? Essentially the argument hinges on the question "does an administrator lose too much control when using precompiled binaries/package managers?" What do the linux administrators out there on slashdot think? Is the convenience of a package manager worth some of the draw backs? Is control and performance so important as to compile every piece of software from source? Or is the entire argument more nuanced than a simple "option X or option Y" scenario?

Comment Re:Oh for [insert deity]'s sake (Score 1) 432

Besides what Space cowboy said below:

What kind of a CPU is that? If it's a quad core XEON at 3.2 ghz you're looking at around $1k for that part.

Add another $400 or so for 12GB of ECC memory (which the mac pro uses).

$400 or so for a systemboard supporting QPI.

$850 or so for that video card.

We are well over your $2500 figure and we haven't even looked at the hard drive, USB 3.0, FW800, case or PSU.

Clearly you don't understand what a workstation really is. If you compare the mac pro price to other workstations on the market it is VERY competitively priced.

Comment Re:Would be nice to see (Score 1) 99

This is the kind of piracy that we need to worry about because it isn't just a matter of copyright infringement, it is a matter of fraud. When you make a knockoff copy of something and sell it to someone as legit, you are defrauding them, and you really are causing economic loss to the company who legitimately makes the product. That is a good deal different from simply copying something without permission. It is something worth trying to shut down because it is a real crime with real victims.

I'm all for spending resources on cracking down on crimes where there are victims. I'm not so interested in spending lots of resources on victimless crimes.

While I agree that this is certainly a more legitimate form of copyright theft I do not agree that resources should be spent combating it or that there are any real victims.

I would consider this "the cost of doing business." If you want your copyright respected then manufacture your goods in a country that respects said copyrights, you can't have your cake and eat it too. I find that business model of:

1. Export manufacturing to developing nation

2. Force your own ideals of copyright on that developing nation

To be incredibly offensive to both the developing nation and the nation in which the manufacturing was in originally.

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 326

If you own any Dell servers you can check the FCC label and see where your server was assembled.

It will be either Ireland, the US or currently Poland. The machines in question (the Poweredge R410) are assembled in Poland. I can only imagine there are a few Polish members of slashdot that would disagree with your characterization of them as "barely literate people who are being paid jack-shit to assemble a "rich-boy toy" for some perceived fat cat in the US who sleeps on piles of money."

Shipping motherboards with spyware embedded is certainly not acceptable but neither is making inaccurate sweeping generalizations.

Comment Re:Come to Verizon! (Score 2, Informative) 738

That might be fine for you, but seeing as 100 Mbit is the lowest I could get even if I tried here in Sweden

Not everyone has access to stadsnät. Although I currently have a 100mbit (well 50-100mbit, but it's almost always at 100) through comhem, this is also not something that everyone has access to. A not insignificant amount of people in Sweden only have access to 24mbit ADSL connections. While I certainly appreciate the speed/price offerings in Sweden (I am from the rural US) it is unfair to imply that everyone in Sweden has 1gb connections.

once you experience how fast your every day Internet becomes, there's no turning back.

Now that I couldn't agree more with! Even at 24mbit it blows away my previous (and more expensive) 3mb connection I had while living in the US.

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