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Comment Re:Numbers have NOT been released (Score 1) 42

First, I never mentioned Apple. Apple has nothing to do with it. I said that the great accomplishment described in the article equals the less than stellar profits Samsung made in 2012. The fact that a company making a product someone buys is profitable does NOT mean the company is ripping anyone off, unless they're a non-profit entity. It means we live in a prosperous, capitalistic society where only profitable companies survive year to year. However, when I read detritus like this article which poses a 17% increase in profit as a great accomplishment, I cringe. In fact I cringe at most % increase accomplishments because what matters is what the increase is a percentage of. Samsung is a fine company with good devices, but they've done much better, profit-wise, in more recent years, and this year's increase is only part of a recovery from a dramatic reduction in profit.

Comment Overrode the Pentagon ... more like advised (Score 1) 742

Of course, that's why we have a civilian government. The Pentagon doesn't have the final say, the POTUS has the final say, as Commander-In-Chief, and relies on advice from his/her advisers one of which would be the SoS. Nothing here to prosecute, just some has-been news item trolling for another 15 minutes of fame because he's tired of Ecuadorean food.

Comment Re:What the second amendment actually says (Score 1) 555

So, unless women are in the National Guard, they need to turn in their weapons? Also, once men reach age 45 without buying a weapon or declaring their intent, they're excluded from the militia, and at age 64 men can no longer "re-enlist" in the militia, so I guess those men have to turn in their weapons too. Be careful what you rest your argument on, it can come back to bite you in the arse.

Comment He caused his own inconvenience (Score -1, Flamebait) 169

It is not incumbent on everyone else to understand someone's homemade gadgets and electronic paraphernalia. A call to TSA and airport security would alert them that someone with electronic gadgets and parts was going to be passing through security. And he could have put them in his checked baggage and explained what they were as well. His behavior borders on trolling.

Comment Re:virus resistance (Score 1) 125

Yes, pathogens can be transmitted by packages and packaging delivered by mail/UPS/FedEx from internet purchases. In fact influenza viruses don't die after a few minutes, influenza virus persists on environmental objects 5-15 days or longer depending on temperature, humidity and etc. If you need the references, let me know. The colder it is, the longer the influenza virus persists, which is a contributing factor to pandemics in winter. Your reference to "die" is because a minority of scientific authorities argue viruses aren't alive in the first place. But then a minority of experts also deny climate change.

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