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Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 156

You don't see the conflict between "... both failed to turn over non-classified emails ..." and your statement "... neither Powell nor Rice stored classified information from other agencies/departments ..." because if the alleged non-classified material was never turned over no one knows if any of it would have been marked classified in hindsight like in Clinton's case. Remember, none of the materials on the Clinton server were marked classified at the time they landed there, only in retrospect were any of them deemed classified at the lowest level.

Bottom line, it's all political grandstanding.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 1) 156

Read my post, both Rice and Powell. And no SoS conducted ALL business on a single server, they used both state department and private servers; subject matter they "expected" to be classified was on the department servers, those they felt wouldn't be classified were on the private servers. Additionally, Powell gave her advice on use of phones and email (it's in the investigation files released by the FBI). The SoS's used private servers because the state department servers were old, not updated, slow, and the system was cumbersome to use.

Comment Re:Double standard (Score 2, Interesting) 156

This wasn't mishandling, it was theft. Mrs. Clinton didn't "steal" her emails. Mrs. Clinton did as 2 of her predecessors in her job did with a personal email server, but I don't see anyone demanding the arrest of Secretary Powell or Rice. This guy obviously had no such role models in his immediate work environment, or they'd have been arrested as well.

Comment Re:Bubbles (Score 1) 978

Actually, by popular vote, it appears the "left" will have won the election by several hundred thousand votes. The candidate from the "right" ends up becoming President through the Electoral College system regardless the popular vote result. But if you feel comfy with your alternate reality in your personal echo chamber, that's cool.

Comment Re:The end of computing (Score 1) 524

Common sense is not common, in fact it's extremely rare in the wild. FYI, Dorothy's slippers were ruby. People have never been able to "do what they want with what they purchased" because there have always been, and will always be, limitations. If you don't like limitations you have to design and build your own device from the ground up, in which circumstance you get everything YOU want exactly as YOU want it. Don't be surprised if someone comes along and tells you YOUR perfect device is shyte and doesn't suit them.

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