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Comment Re:Bubbles (Score 1) 978

Actually, by popular vote, it appears the "left" will have won the election by several hundred thousand votes. The candidate from the "right" ends up becoming President through the Electoral College system regardless the popular vote result. But if you feel comfy with your alternate reality in your personal echo chamber, that's cool.

Comment Re:The end of computing (Score 1) 524

Common sense is not common, in fact it's extremely rare in the wild. FYI, Dorothy's slippers were ruby. People have never been able to "do what they want with what they purchased" because there have always been, and will always be, limitations. If you don't like limitations you have to design and build your own device from the ground up, in which circumstance you get everything YOU want exactly as YOU want it. Don't be surprised if someone comes along and tells you YOUR perfect device is shyte and doesn't suit them.

Comment The alleged "top 250" (Score 1) 93

I went thru the list and frankly they can keep most of them. I would rather Netflix concentrated on a top 250 of all time favorite leading men and leading women and make their catalogs accessible. As the population ages in the USA, this may be a better method to improve the offerings.

As for the "original content" on Netflix, I find it to be little better than the original content on any other network. Right now they have a couple original hits but each of the traditional networks can say the same.

Comment Let's check the scenario (Score 2, Informative) 210

A person buys a $700 smart phone phablet that is ~7 mm thick. There are postings on the internet of the phablets bending under stress.They don't protect it with a case or they buy a flexible case for it. They know the phone is not unbreakable, not water-proof, fragile when dropped from height. They do something to bend the phone over and over and over for months. They're surprised when the phone begins to fail. They insist that they're "entitled" to have the phone they broke replaced with a new, or upgraded model, for free. Internet rage ensues. Brand warfare postings abound and flame-wars erupt. Hilarious.

Comment Re:Long overdue (say what?) (Score 1) 261

What is this "truth in advertising" you refer to? The purpose of advertising is to sell things to people that they don't need and likely can't afford, and that can't be done through truth in advertising. I have yet to see an ad for a game that is not "enhanced" in some way. The same is true for most consumer products; they're photo-shopped more than supermodels

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