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Comment lazy. seems bound to happen, reading subject allow (Score 1) 266

i think we all know it's inevitable.
How we'll get there is interesting, and what we'll do after the fact is something I sometimes ask myself.

Imagining the faster computer get at connecting neural networks of public domain or the opensource world | collective thoughts to other connections.
Shit i'm slow to figure whats 'cool' these days.

  > How do I feel about computers surpassing us?
humm not so wall. It seems to be something genetic built in that says survive :) but we are building these smart systems because they earn us money.. Cant stop that train.

  > the turning point... when computers view us 'atoms' as not important anymore....
I wounder if the 'computer' will have the same strategy to survive as us. or view the would as something that is not important because of a predetermined nature ..
Another view more hopeful, exploring 'cosmos' more in detail and continue the strategy to learn/survive.

too much fun after a night of drinking... hope my words were worth typing :)

Comment Re:Check out the SheevaPlug (Score 1) 355

<quote><p>can i stream blu-ray rips off that? how about to 2-3 clients at once?</p><p>We will just not even address trying to use it for /home or / on thin clients. for storing pictures and music for your single laptop sure...</p></quote>

thats kinda crazy to be streaming 3 blu-ray videos 18GB? to clients in ~1.3hours in a home media centre.. but with a 1gbps lan you should be fine? perhaps the extra overhead is more then i would expect? Please fill me in. (18 GB) / (1.3 hours) = 31.5076923 Mbps... extra overhead... ?

Comment Re:SnapRAID (Score 1) 355

I feel the xmass drink, so im not holding back... Interesting how people reply and have not talked about SnapRAID (sorry if that changed).... Did they see that the opensource tool works for both linux and windows? did they notice that it saves power because drives power down /and that actually adds up after a year/? did they notice that it don't matter what file system they use or that they can disconnect the drive and plug into another system and read without extra crap? humm did they care or understand that sometimes the simple cheap solution is sometimes the best for home media centres? Sorry but this project should have a slashdot front page on its own... perhaps in due time. /kinda disappointed in the replies I got on my previous post/ wtf :P

Comment SnapRAID (Score 1) 355

SnapRAID is an interesting opensource project that might hold a solution for this users RAID needs. Its kinda like unRAID, it's not RAID as we know it, but does have good recovery on data loss and is rather 'simple' to use. I think it's worth a look if you had a bad experiences with RAID5 in the past :( 'me'

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