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Comment Couple of interpretaitons (Score 1) 532

My immediate reaction was that the survey shows that more and more people consider themselves to be "developers", just because they use computers to manage some content. Not a big deal, and its been going on for decades.

The other side of the coin is that a lot of actual developers find themselves adding a Macbook to their arsenal, simply because its the most convenient way of getting access to Xcode, doing a port to OSX, or compiling something for iOS. This would of course skew the results.

Bottom line - after 30 years of a fight to the death, Unix has won the platform wars. Total victory.

Comment Re:Poor Title (Score 4, Funny) 829

>> As far as I know, no F-22 has ever flown a combat mission.

The F-22 fought with some distinction against the decepticons in Transformers. They suffered heavy losses, but the proof of their effectiveness as shown in this documentary was enough to convince congress to keep funding the project.

There are also several novels out there that provide additional hard proof of their combat effectiveness.

Comment Programmers (Score 3, Informative) 237

I was thinking that this experiment would be a breeze, if you just filled the capsule with a small team of coders .. and gave them 100 days straight of peace and quiet to actually work on the completely unrealistic specifications and deadlines that they may have on their plate at the moment.

It would be most productive.

But I am sure some management types would interfere in devious ways, and install a telephone in the capsule, so the coders would constantly field calls like these :

- Hey guys, its me from accounts again. I know you are all 'busy' (suppressed chuckle), but could could just drop whatever you are doing, and have a look at my computer for a minute, I think I might have a virus .. just like I had last week. If its not too much effort, do you mind fixing it for me so I can get some 'real' work done. Thanks - oh, and make sure its fixed by lunchtime, because I have a dinner engagement tonight and have to leave at 5 on the dot.

- Hey guys, its me from sales again. We promised a customer several weeks ago that we would provide them with this 'feature' that doesn't exist, and its now overdue. I know this is the first time we have bothered to tell you guys about this, but hey, its really important, so please get on it to immediately. It has to be ready by first thing tomorrow morning .. OK.

- Hey guys, its me from customer support again. I know I have been doing this job for about 5 years now, but I still have no clue how the system operates. I have a customer on the phone you wants to know how they can change their account balance - but I cant find a field on the screen that lets them do that. They are getting irate !! Can you take the call for me please .. I am really busy with other stuff. Putting them through now, thanks.

- Hey guys, its the company director. I have some VIPs here at the moment for a meeting, and I need the boardroom setup so the projector is connected to the internets. And have a look at my laptop whilst you are at it - it still pops up all those windows with that porn stuff. I thought you fixed that for good last week ? I need it fixed properly this time ! And by the way - why weren't you in the office at 8am this morning ? We had so many phone calls to answer, and you guys were nowhere to be seen. My patience is really wearing thin, we have to act as a team here !

- Hey guys, its the company director's teenage son. Im playing CS at home and Im getting my ass handed to me by these n00bs. I reckon its because my gRaPhIcs card doesn't have enough memory. Can you guys pop down the computer shop and organise a decent upgrade part for me, ta. Dad said he would reimburse you next week, no probs. I need it ASAP, thanks guys.

100 days of this crap, and I would be surprised if a team of coders, even in the relative peace, quiet and isolation of a soviet space capsule, would make a significant dent in the growing pile of work on their plates. Werll, at least during 'office hours' that is.

Comment Wrong Acronym (Score 0, Offtopic) 272

In the summary is says "with their new product that they call knol (not yet publicly available)"

Did anyone else see this as an acronym, and then get all confused when the words didnt fit the letters ?

They should call it NYPA instead, and get the village people to sing the promo song.

Young man, there's no need to feel dumb.
I said, young man, pick your brain off the ground.
I said, young man, 'cause there's now a new site
There's no need to be a dumb ass.

No man knows it all by himself.
I said, young man, put your pride on the shelf,
And just go there, to the n.y.p.a
I'm sure they can teach you today.

It's fun to learn at the n-y-p-a
It's fun to learn at the n-y-p-a

etc etc

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