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Comment Quad Stereo (Score 1) 435

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Anyone else here old enough to remember quad stereo back in the 70's?
Back then speakers were huge, heavy and expensive. I could hardly afford 2 speakers and they wanted me to buy 4? Not to mention the overpriced quadraphonic media like vinyl discs and 8 track tapes.
People finally realized they only had 2 ears and it wasn't worth the cost.

Comment It was a joke to begin with (Score 5, Insightful) 280

There is a common misconception among non-technical "folks" (i.e. lawyers, politicians etc) that anyone can learn to "code". Of course anyone can be shown how to write a "hello world" application in any language but that doesn't make them a programmer. Unfortunately the perception that "coding" is easy is perpetuated by these democratizing programs that try to turn everyone into a programmer. The fact is that writing the actual code is a small percentage of the intellectual effort required to implement a working software system.
We don't need a generation of code monkeys typing away at keyboards; we need people with mathematics and analytical skills. Our current education system is simply not producing enough people with math/analytical skills. Meddlesome, short-sighted Federal programs such as "computer science for all" are simply not addressing this basic lack of skills. The fact is that teaching the hard, basic skills required to produce technical professionals is very difficult but no one seems to have the stomach for hard work any more.

Comment Free speech is free speech (Score 0) 30

Free speech is free speech no matter its content. So-called "false news", "alt-right fever swamps", "hate speech", and "trolling" are all free speech.
If social media companies decide to censor speech on their platforms that's their business. The flip side is there needs to be uncensored alternatives to the mainstream SM platforms. Telegram is one of them.

Submission + - GPS Jammed Near the Kremlin (

stevegee58 writes: Russians have been noticing that their GPS doesn't work in Moscow near the Kremlin. Everyone from taxi drivers to Pokemon Go players suddenly notice that they're transported 18 miles away at the airport when they near the Kremlin.
While this may be an annoyance to the public it seems like a reasonable countermeasure to potential terrorist threats. Is it only a matter of time before other vulnerable sites such as the White House or the Capitol in Washington start doing the same?

Comment Exactly what happened to me (Score 4, Interesting) 176

I was billed by Comcast for a year for a cable modem rental even though I bought my own. Yes, I admit I should have been reading every line entry on my bill every month but I wasn't. When I discovered this error I called Comcast and they immediately admitted the mistake and stopped billing me for it. However when I asked for my money back for the $10/month for the previous 12 months they got all snippy and said I had only a 60 day window to challenge erroneous charges.
So I filed a formal complaint with the FCC and within days I was called back by Comcast and credited the 12 months of erroneous charges. I highly recommend this path since it was so absurdly easy.
I've very happy to hear I'm not alone in this.

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