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Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 340

I'm not a current pilot. My last flight was in 1988.

But I can tell you that when I was current, a two mile in diameter circular runway would have made me uncomfortable. A typical *small* airport runway is half a mile to a mile in length. A large airport often has a runway of two or more miles in length. That's *straight*. A curve with a radius of one mile is a pretty sharp turn by comparison.

Landing gear really aren't designed for side loads. Turns on the ground are usually made at pretty slow speeds. During the transition between rolling and flying, you're trying to accelerate as fast as possible to a safe flying speed, or trying to decelerate as fast as possible to a "not-flying" state. The easiest and safest way to do that is in a straight line. Don't complicate that by trying to drive/fly a curve at the same time.

Comment Re:Maybe stop using dropdowns for numbers? (Score 1) 207

You got that right. This wasn't job related, but I've run across a couple of phone apps (fitness apps, both of them) where you enter your age by scrolling back one month at a time to get to the month of your birth. There was no option to simply enter the damned thing in directly.

That's over <mpphh> hundred taps -- if you tap too fast, you trigger accessibility features (like a magnifying lens) -- needless to say, I didn't continue with those apps. And no, despite my "advanced" age, my vision is fine.

Comment Re:Why pre-installed? (Score 2) 128

Years ago, even if you could find a vendor like Dell who would sell you a Linux version, the Linux version ended up costing you more than the Windows version, if for for no other reason than the kickbacks the vendor got from all the crapware that came pre-installed on the Windows version. Either that or you had to choose completely different hardware for the Linux version, and the Linux hardware was always inferior.

With this generation of of Dells, choosing Ubuntu as the OS actually cuts the price, on the same hardware.

Comment Re:garbage article (Score 4, Interesting) 319

Exactly. All this talk of politics is a red herring. Firefox is becoming irrelevant because they have abandoned the features that make them valuable and embraced features that really don't matter. Or are annoying.

Firefox is still my browser of choice, *despite* all the "improvements" they've made over the last few years. To borrow a phrase from long ago, "It sucks less." At least compared to all the rest.

There are no good browsers anymore. Firefox used to be one, but they're driving the "It sucks" bandwagon as hard as they can, and by the time they finally vanish, there will be nothing left to mourn. For now, they're the best of a bad lot.

Their politics is fine. Good, even. It's their software choices that are the root of their downfall.

Comment Re:Neither? (Score 1) 341

I *do* got to theaters. Once or twice a year, maybe.

Most of my movies are discs from Netflix, largely because the streaming selection is pretty limited. But I don't have a ton of time for TV or movies, so I don't get a lot watched, and I don't put a lot of priority on *recent*. Right now my Netflix queue is at about 5-7 years behind, and I'm just fine with that. Maybe I'll catch up after I retire -- or maybe not. Doesn't matter much.

In any case, I never put much stock in seeing movies the moment they came out, so this wouldn't be especially valuable to me.

Comment Re:not that big of a deal (Score 1) 174

For the most part, the power is free. You did notice how much Tesla has sunk into solar development? And batteries? I'm sure the fee is intended to offset building new ones and maintaining the old ones, but each station is supposed to charge its own batteries via the sun and then recharge you car from the batteries.

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